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  • Track learning progress over time for formative assessment
  • Foster creativity and teamwork to turn learners into leaders

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Game modes, new question types, and student passes are just a few examples of what’s coming to Kahoot! for back-to-school.

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Every week we’ll deep dive into a new Kahoot! feature with tutorial videos, livestreamed demos, and weekly challenge kahoots.

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What's new for back to school?

  Slider - Answer questions with a number on a scale

Custom units of measurement for numbers in a range allows students to answer questions about the date of important historic events, the population of a certain country, or simple math problems, while giving partial points for close answers.

Slider is available now for Kahoot! Premium subscriptions and up. Get started with a free trial and test it out for yourself!

  Drop pin - Gather opinions by dropping a pin on an image

From social-emotional learning to geography and biology, students can answer questions by identifying a specific location on an image of a map, a human body, or a spectrum of feelings.

Drop pin is available now for Kahoot! Premium subscriptions and up. Get started with a free trial and test it out for yourself!

  6 answer options - More possibilities for quiz and poll questions

No longer limited to only 4 answers, quizzes and poll questions can contain more possible responses to be more comprehensive. Make quiz questions more difficult with more incorrect answers or gather a wider array of feedback with poll questions.

6 answer options are now available for Kahoot! Pro and up. Get started with a free trial and test it out for yourself!

  LMS Integration - Embed kahoots into any LMS system

Students can now play assigned kahoots inside their LMS system! After creating a kahoot, you can generate an embed code from your Library, or the Live Report after the assigned kahoot is created. Simply copy and paste into your LMS system’s embed code functionality to create a seamless Kahoot! experience.

LMS integration is currently only available with a Kahoot! EDU account. Get in touch with our team to learn more about Kahoot! EDU for your school or district!

  Game modes - Totally new ways to play Kahoot! (COMING SOON)

Bringing new variety to how Kahoot! is played, our new game modes (coming soon!) allows students to use correct answers to progress towards a mission. Whether it be as an entire team, teams challenging each other, or one-on-one competition, game modes offer a new way to learn through play.

Free and available for all for a limited time

  Student passes - Empower your students to take control of their learning (COMING SOON)

Turn learners into leaders with Kahoot! student passes, coming soon! Give your students the tools to create interactive presentations for the class with access to all of our question types and slide layouts. Enable them to learn independently with award-winning learning apps that can be accessed by simply scanning a QR code.

  Marketplace - Join the creator economy and get paid for your learning resources

Become a seller on Kahoot!’s marketplace, coming soon, so you can sit back, relax, and let your content do the work. Offer your learning resources for sale and share your knowledge with millions of people around the world with Kahoot!’s global marketplace for educational content.

Feature focus: Single screen

Display questions and answers on players’ devices in live kahoots

Kahoot! Ambassador’s tech tips for teaching with Kahoot!:
“By allowing the students to see both the answers and the questions on their devices, it brings the game right to them”
Brian Heisey, 7th and 8th grade Science teacher
What the students are saying:
“My students have said that when I allow them to see both the answers and the questions directly on their device, they feel less pressure to look up at a projector [or screen] in order to read the question, quickly turn back to their device, and then answer the question… and there’s more participation!”

Depending on your learning environment, devices available in the classroom, and your students’ needs, here are a few scenarios when Single screen can come in handy:

 There’s no big screen in your physical classroom

 Your classroom or auditorium is too large so students in the back of the room can’t see the shared screen well enough

 You’re teaching virtually or in a hybrid format, and your students only have one device at home

 Making the live experience more accessible for students with visual impairments

 You’re using Kahoot! in special education.

Try out Single screen now by playing our weekly kahoot challenge made especially to show off this feature, and share your experience with us for a chance to win!

We hope that this feature will help make the live kahoot experience even more inclusive and accessible for all learners!

How to start using Single Screen

Check out our weekly Tech Tip blog post to learn how to enable Single screen

Maximize engagement with Single screen

Try out these back-to-school kahoots using Single screen with your class

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