Oyo Rooms is a hotel chain of leased and franchised hotels growing at a staggering pace. In January, they opened an office in Brazil. Milena Pinho, based in São Paulo, is responsible for training all new hires – and we’re talking at least 80 every week in the first few months after they opened the office! Read how she redefined the approach with Kahoot!’s tournament feature.



  • When 80+ new hires were starting weekly in the first months after they opened their office, the team at Oyo Rooms Brazil was looking for a more efficient way to train them – so they started using Kahoot! Premium + training and development.
  • Using Kahoot! tournaments, Milena created a fun and playful atmosphere in her training sessions, so participants vote Kahoot! as their favorite thing about training.
  • With Kahoot! tournaments as part of the onboarding, NPS score for training increased to 90 points.


Meet Milena, the Kahoot! hero at Oyo Rooms:

My main goal as a business development training manager is to make sure our new hires are up to speed and ready to contribute to our ambitious goals in Brazil as quickly as possible. I’ve never tried any game-based tools previously, but when a colleague showed me Kahoot!, I was amazed by how easy to use it is. Brazil is one of the most connected countries in the world – everyone uses smartphones – so the game format seemed just perfect.

After we started using Kahoot! tournaments, our NPS score for training increased to 90 points, which is a big improvement.

Engaging 80 new hires in training every week

We’re growing fast in Brazil and hiring about 80 people every week. Engaging such a big group and making sure they pay attention to all content isn’t easy. Kahoot! has been a real game-changer for us, especially after we started using features in its training and development add-on.

We use it during an entire week of our training which includes around 10 presentations during a week. Someone from the leadership talks about our business, finance or HR, and then we play a short kahoot (usually 4 questions) at the end of the segment to recap on the main points.

We provide small awards for the podium and announce the winners in our newsletter sent out to the entire company. This incentivizes people to pay attention and compete because they know what’s at stake! Everyone wants to win bragging rights for becoming the Kahoot! champion.

Additionally, we play some kahoots in the business department with all the recent hires. Those kahoots are typically a bit longer – around 10 questions – and they’re aimed at assessing the knowledge of our business. Reports are then shared with business leaders, so they can assist employees who struggled with specific questions.

Employees vote Kahoot! as the best thing about training

Kahoot! is exceptionally user-friendly for anyone, regardless of previous tech experience. It makes life so much easier for us trainers. There’s no need to collect paper quizzes, try to correct them in a short period of time – now, we can do that in two minutes with Kahoot!

Our audience loves Kahoot!, too! They just never get bored, no matter how serious and complex a topic is. Gamification creates a completely different atmosphere in training: more fun, playful, engaging, and just overall, very enjoyable. People get excited about the presentations and try to remember as much as they can, trying to predict which of that info will go into the final kahoot. They’re much more present during the competition.

Our NPS for training is fantastic: we score 90! When asking people what they liked most about the training, Kahoot! is the most common answer.

From microlearning to long-term learning with Kahoot! tournaments

We use the player identifier feature (part of training and development addon) to recognize who is who and combine scores across several kahoots to see the final podium. This lets us turn the entire training experience into a captivating Kahoot! tournament.

I think the format of a tournament truly engages the class and makes sure that they pay attention to all presentations. Not only is this more fun but also more impactful because you move from microlearning to long-term learning.

Kahoot! has become a part of our culture, people talk about it and want to be the Kahoot! winner. As I mentioned, we add extra motivation with awards. Also, since it’s the country manager wrapping up the session and giving out awards, new hires are energized by the opportunity to meet one of the company’s leaders in their very first week!

No.1 tip for other companies: add Kahoot! to your culture!

If you’re not using Kahoot! yet – definitely do it, do it as much as you can, and add it to your culture. Besides using Kahoot! for training, we also use it in team meetings to go over the most important or tricky points. Sometimes people might be shy to ask questions in a meeting with a lot of people, but when they answer incorrectly in your kahoot, you know you need to go over that topic again. It’s great to be able to do this anonymously.

We expand Kahoot! to other areas of the company as well. We’ve been doing a lot of online training, where we play a Kahoot! via video conferencing as well. Soon we’re planning to add challenges to our online training, too.

Turn your training program into an engaging tournament with Kahoot! Premium + training and development add-on!