How Kahoot! helped a global beauty producer and retailer maximize engagement at virtual events

Marketing Director Susy Brown from a global beauty producer and retailer engages employees and external attendees in virtual events by using Kahoot!

Location: Toronto, Canada
Industry: Retail
Use cases: Events
Key wins
By incorporating Kahoot! into their virtual events, they increased engagement among participants across various levels and functions, both internally and externally.
They saw an increase in engagement and retention among external event attendees after playing Kahoot!
Kahoot! is widely used for company and product presentations to reinforce key messages and increase audience retention.
In addition to virtual events, Kahoot! has become their go-to tool when it comes to engaging employees: they have successfully integrated it into their product training and employee learning events.
Susy Brown
Marketing Director

About the Kahoot! Hero
Susy Brown is the Marketing Director in Canada at a leading manufacturer and marketer of skin care and makeup products.


Educating about physical products in an increasingly virtual world

As Marketing Director of a leading beauty retailer, Susy Brown believes that brands need to be nimble and innovative in a retail and work environment where virtual meetings and training are rapidly becoming the norm. In an increasingly virtual world, you need to find compelling ways to engage with staff, retailers, partners and customers. This requires brands to be dynamic in their approach and to leverage differentiated toolkits.

Originally, they started using Kahoot! as a training tool to educate field staff who in their turn worked directly to educate beauty advisors. It worked perfectly to present the key facts and test comprehension at a later stage. Susy soon realized that Kahoot! could be helpful not only for education but for engagement, too.

Susy’s team integrated Kahoot! into presentations being held for retailers as a way to increase engagement, improve knowledge retention and motivate everyone to pay attention. “When we present our seasonal products to retailers, presentations can get rather lengthy. In order to get the key points across, you’d need to keep the audience focused throughout. Kahoot! has been really efficient as an incentive tool to get people to listen, pay attention and absorb information.”

Kahoot! helped engage attendees of all levels within their recent virtual event

Recently, Susy adopted the same approach to a large virtual event they organized for a new product launch. With more than 200 attendees, the event was built around a detailed virtual presentation of a new product launch. In addition to customer-facing employees, the event audience also included supply chain, operations, and attendees from other partner brands. With such a diverse audience, Susy and her colleagues had to make sure they could engage people of various roles, levels, and backgrounds.

Prior to the event, they emailed attendees to inform them about the planned Kahoot! activity and provide instructions on downloading the app so everyone was able to prepare in advance. The email also mentioned that attendees could win prizes, adding extra motivation for them to join the event.

By hosting a live kahoot at the end of their presentation, Susy and her colleagues emphasized key product benefits for attendees to remember. It was very easy for everyone to join the kahoot during the event, and participants quickly became competitive to have their name displayed on the leaderboard. Susy noticed that attendees of all levels were highly engaged and the competitive spirit added excitement and fun to the presentation.

A way to reinforce key takeaways in a presentation or event

Susy thinks that Kahoot! provides a very efficient way to reinforce key messages no matter how lengthy your presentation is. “By putting a kahoot behind something, a piece of content, you then show your audience that for example: if you take away nothing else, take away these five things. Kahoot! really helps you to focus your messaging and to maximize retention of critical points.

Another important outcome that Susy pinpointed was the increased engagement and product awareness among people outside of the company who attended their event: “Many of the people who won, were not necessarily people that were involved in the brand. We didn’t realize the level of engagement that you can get from somebody in an operations role or from another brand. This really shows the power of the product itself, and it shows the importance of not only presenting to people, but engaging people.”

These findings demonstrated an affinity for their brand and product, and gave some insight into how excited internal consumers could be.

“Kahoot! really helps you to focus your messaging and to maximize retention of critical points”

Susy Brown, Marketing Director

A powerful employee engagement tool that can support multiple functions within an organization.

With more companies trying to find ways to connect with their employees working from home, it has become more important to inject an interactive element into presentations and meetings. “We use Kahoot! as much as we can in our meetings, with 25-30 people joining. When presenting something new, this is the best way to engage and get the key points across.”

Susy sees that Kahoot! can be extremely helpful for various departments, roles and scenarios:

  • For anyone in a customer-facing role, Kahoot! is a powerful tool to learn about key product features and benefits for more effective customer communication. It’s a great way to onboard new people who need to go through a lot of information in a limited time. Susy thinks there’s huge potential to ramp up the usage of Kahoot! as a part of corporate onboarding in an engaging, stress-free way.
  • In presentations, no matter how lengthy they are, Kahoot! can help engage audiences of all levels within a company.

Send instructions in advance
Prior to a meeting or event where you’re planning to use Kahoot!, send an email to participants with instructions on downloading the Kahoot! app and quick information about the planned session. For example, informing them that there will be an opportunity to win something will add an extra incentive.


Leverage reports to get valuable insights
By looking into Kahoot! reports after their event, Susy and her colleagues identified that many winners didn’t come from their company. These findings demonstrated an affinity for their brand and product, and gave some insight into how excited even internal consumers could be.


Summarize key takeaways
According to Susy, by putting a kahoot behind something, a piece of content, you then show your audience: if you take away nothing else, then take away these key things. Kahoot! really helps to focus your messaging even in lengthy presentations.


Use Kahoot! to prevent drop-off in virtual meetings
It’s so much more tempting to be multitasking while you’re on video conference call. Susy sees Kahoot! as the most efficient way to keep participants focused. Playing a live kahoot adds better team dynamics and increases attention.