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How Coppel made training awesome!

Hear how the HR team at Mexican retail giant, Coppel, innovated a unique way to support training while generating employee recognition!

Join us Friday, April 8th at 11 AM CST / 9 AM PDT!


Join this webinar, we’ll be covering

 How Coppel got creative adding Kahoot! tournaments to their training mix for thousands of employees

 The awesome ways Coppel used Kahoot! to address knowledge gaps

 How the team at Coppel managed to boost employee recognition through Kahoot! Tournaments

 Insightful tips from the Coppel team on using Kahoot! for impactful engagement across regions and time-zones 4

The webinar will take place:

Time: 11 am CST/9 pm PDT
Date: 8th, April, 2022
Duration: 45 minutes

Your host:

Galilea Morales
Customer Success Manager, Kahoot!

Key speaker:

Adriana Velázquez Espinosa
Sales Force Strategy Manager’s Coordinator, Coppel

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