These 7 quizzes from Nat Geo WILD & Nat Geo Bee will really engage your class on geography topics!

Explore games

Welcome, master of curiosity! Here, you can explore a whole world of learning possibilities. There are millions of Kahoot! games ready for you to play. We’ve cherry-picked some of the very best kahoots created within our community – give them a try!

We’ll be regularly updating this section, so, please, come back to see new collections!

Funtastic math games

Math is a trending topic among Kahoot!’ers around the world all year round.

Kahoot! for fun

These kahoots will turn up the fun in any social setting. It’s going to be loud!

All things science

Spark curiosity about complex topics with these science games for different grades.

Celebrating Canada day

Canada celebrates its 150th birthday on July 1st!

Happy 4th of July!

Parades, fireworks, family gatherings, BBQs, and great kahoots – how does this mix sound?

Games from our Games Professor

This collection brings you some cool games from our very own Games Professor and Kahoot! inventor, Alf Inge Wang. 

It's Jumble time!

Jumble is a new game mode in Kahoot! that promotes accuracy and focus over speed.

Professional development & teacher training

Planning to present Kahoot! at your next PD session? This collection is a quick starting point to plan it.