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Play this collection of new ELA games powered by Mrs Wordsmith.com. Aligned with Common Core Standards. Illustrated by Hollywood artists.

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Words to Describe Character by MrsWordsmith.com

Words to describe character. Learn vocabulary needed to bring characters to life in creative writing. SIGN UP at http://bit.ly/MrsWKahoot for FREE HOLLYWOOD ILLUSTRATED #VOCABULARY resources. #characters #creativewriting #storytelling #ELA #vocabulary #narrative

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  1. This superhero has a strong, square jaw. How would you describe his face?
  2. How would you describe a strong and sturdy character who would beat you in a fight?
  3. This character is not worried by anything and stays cool in a crisis. What word would you use?
  4. How would you describe a vain actor who is obsessed with taking selfies?
  5. How do you describe a clever character who has read lots of books?
  6. … and 5 more awesome questions! Check them out by clicking “Play”.

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Holiday Vocabulary To Describe Winter Settings by MrsWordsmith.com

Bring your holiday stories to life with Tier II vocabulary to describe winter settings. SIGN UP at http://bit.ly/MrsWKahoot for FREE HOLLYWOOD ILLUSTRATED #VOCABULARY resources #weather #creativewriting #storytelling #ELA #vocabulary #narrative #settings

Play 33 plays
  1. The ______ weather froze Bearnice’s fur, one hair at a time.
  2. Darkness descended as the ______ grey clouds blocked out the sun.
  3. A violent ______ tore through the town, sweeping up cats and dogs in its path.
  4. The ______ cold pierced Armie’s skin like a thousand painful icicles.
  5. The ______ cold turned Grit’s brain into a block of ice.
  6. … and 4 more awesome questions! Check them out by clicking “Play”.

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Halloween Vocabulary Words

Get #Halloween words that will make people run in fear when they #read your stories! This is the #vocabulary you need to #write a great #horror #story. #Scary #Monsters #mrswordsmith #fiction #creativewriting www.mrswordsmith.com

Play 95.6K plays
  1. When you're terrified of ghouls at night and you wake up with sore red eyes, you have...
  2. A disgusting monster covered in boils and sores can be described as:
  3. Evil villains who plot to destroy the universe can be described as...
  4. What does this witch's fat cat want to do to you?
  5. You are locked inside a haunted house. The evil witch Medusa stares at you, how do you feel?
  6. Tiptoeing home on Halloween night, a hidden monster jumps out to eat you. It’s….
  7. A witch has stabbed you with a hundred icy needles. The pain is...
  8. You're being chased by a tornado on Halloween night, the storm can be described as...
  9. Zombies stare at you with no emotion in their eyes. This blank look can also be described as...
  10. A Frankenstein-sized monster comes stomping along and tries to squash you. What is he?
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10,000 Words Matter for Academic Success

There are 10,000 words that matter for academic success. Mrs. Wordsmith is illustrating all of them with the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar to make children fall in love with learning.

We teach students the 10,000 Tier 2 words they need to succeed across the curriculum. Sign up to receive our free vocabulary resources! American teachers sign up here. British teachers sign up here.

Accelerate students’ vocabulary

At Mrs Wordsmith, we’ve created a program that helps students accelerate their vocabulary to boost their writing fluency and reading comprehension. Our Cambridge University experts have identified the words that students (ages 7-14) need to succeed across the curriculum, so you know you are teaching the words that matter. After all, who has time to waste? And we’re illustrating all of them with the Hollywood artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania.

What better way to help students become sensitive and compassionate future leaders than by helping them learn the 10,000 words they need to become deeper thinkers and more articulate communicators?

We start with illustrations and a little bit of Hollywood magic

At Mrs Wordsmith, we use hilarious illustrations to make learning more engaging and efficient.

Take a look at the word ‘conceited’ that we illustrated:

Mrs Wordsmith-conceited

According to recent research from MIT neuroscientists, our brains have an extraordinary ability to process images it sees at lightning speed.

How fast?

In as little as 13 milliseconds – a blink of an eye – our brains are capable of extracting the meaning of an entire image. In comparison, the brain only starts to begin processing the written word after 100 milliseconds.

Each of our images is carefully thought out to depict a very specific scene aimed at conveying the word’s meaning quickly and humorously. We like to think of it as part editorial judgement and part Hollywood magic.

Mrs Wordsmith-presumptuous

We teach your students how to use their vocabulary

Our next step is to ensure that your students know how to use their newly acquired vocabulary. We use word pairs, or collocations as they’re formally known, to teach students to know how to use their vocabulary immediately. In education, collocations are described as word combinations or pairs used in statistically predictable patterns. You’ll find word pairs everywhere – in newspapers, books and on the Internet. Learning word pairs has been shown to boost writing fluency and reading comprehension.

Take the word ‘crave’:

Mrs Wordsmith-Crave

When your students learn ‘crave’ through Mrs Wordsmith, they will learn the word pairs:

‘crave coffee’

‘crave affection’

‘crave power’

Word pairs teach students how their new word is most frequently used, to ensure they are ready to use it accurately and to recognize the different meanings it can convey. Armed with this knowledge, they are best prepared to effectively use ‘crave’ in their writing and recognise its multiple uses when they read.

Why students need direct instruction in vocabulary

Students today need to read more and they need direct instruction to learn more vocabulary. Students may not read as much as they should. And, the use of difficult vocabulary across the Internet and other media has been on a downward trend. To truly know a word, students need to see the word multiple times and in multiple contexts. They need to understand the relationships between words, how to understand nuances in meaning, and how to develop their understanding of, and ability to use figurative language. Through direct instruction and reading widely, students can master these skills.

Mrs Wordsmith-devious

The 10,000 Word Journey: Unlocking a world of opportunity

We’ve created a journey of the 10,000 Tier 2 words children will encounter in books, exams and newspapers as they grow up. Using data analytics to mine the English language, we’ve identified those words and curated them into key stages and topics that are relevant to the age group.

Our first stage in the 10,000 Word Journey starts with narrative words that are organised into character, settings, weather, emotions, senses and action — all the themes vital for telling a great story. In total, there are six curated word journeys. Future Mrs Wordsmith Journeys will include Early Years, Persuasion, and Growth Mindset, to name a few.

Researchers say knowing and understanding these 10,000 words will make children ‘smarter’. But the journey is so much bigger than that.

These words bring meaning and richness to life. A great vocabulary literally unlocks a world of opportunity, helps us to build bridges, relationships and collaborations.

As we like to say at Mrs Wordsmith, words are for life, not just exams.

Sign up today to get free our free vocabulary resources for schools. Learn more about Mrs Wordsmith at www.mrswordsmith.com/usa.  And, for more of our hilarious vocab kahoots, follow us on Kahoot!

This article was written by Mrs Wordsmith.