Dealing with education’s new normal

Hometown Source logoMinnesota teachers provide consistency for students in lockdown with Kahoot!

The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed almost everybody’s work routine. That’s especially true in education, where teachers are confronting their biggest professional challenge — re-imagining how they do their jobs, on the fly, and with little precedent to guide them.

“Distance learning has challenged me to become a better educator,” said Bateman, who teaches Spanish as well as GlobeTrotters, a course designed to introduce students to the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Technology already used in the Farmington district has helped students adapt. With the exception of video conferencing using Google Meets, Bateman said all the platforms she has used in distance learning are programs she used in the classroom. Programs such as Quizizz, Kahoot and Gimkit provide a dose of familiarity to students who are learning new content, she added.

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