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Spring ahead with Kahoot!
Kahoot! Academy and Kahoot!’s new marketplace
Roundtable: What’s really going on?
Gathering Globally with Kahoot!
Kahoot! through the Ages
Supercharge classroom moments with Kahoot!
Collaborating with Kahoot!
Where everybody knows your name: Why belonging matters for teachers and students


10:00am PDT

Spring ahead with Kahoot!

Sean D’Arcy

Join a session with Sean D’Arcy who leads Kahoot! at school to learn about new ways to play Kahoot!, our brand new ambassador program and exciting new features that will help you teach and engage learners in any environment.

10:15 am PDT

Kahoot! Academy and Kahoot!’s new marketplace

Agnete T. Pedersen

An intro to Kahoot!s new community based marketplace and the importance of teachers joining the creator economy.

10:45 am PDT

Roundtable: What’s really going on?

Moderator: Amanda Taselaar
Participants: Charell Gibson Coleman, Kerri Benton-Coleman, Thomas Arntson

Let’s have a conversation with three current educators to hear about their experiences, challenges and takeaways from a tumultuous few years of teaching. We will focus on the increased demands they have faced as educators, how teacher burnout has affected them personally, how they have been supported during these difficult times, and more. Come have a listen!

11:30 am PDT

K!offee kahoot

Phylicia Jimenez

What does teacher self-care actually look like? Join a K!offee Kahoot! to learn tools, tips, and tricks for integrating SEL approaches to your daily routines!

11:45am PDT

Gathering globally with Kahoot!

Joseph Gabriel

Kahoot!’ers unite from near and far to host, play, and celebrate! Kahoot! Ambassador and Verified educator, Joseph Gabriel, shares how he makes a great, big world feel small! Join the conversation to learn how to use Kahoot! tools to gather globally.

12:00pm PDT

Kahoot! through the Ages

Katlyn (Keke) Powell

Whether you’re teaching an entire community, or moving across classrooms and grade-levels, Kahoot! supports differentiation and instructional scaffolding for any grade level! Join Ms. Powell to learn tools and approaches for leveling up learning…regardless of grade level!

12:15pm PDT

Supercharge classroom moments with Kahoot!

Sean O’Brien

Kahoot! Verified educator, Sean O’Brien, is a classroom celebrity – his current Kahoot! library has been played by millions of teachers and students worldwide! Join the conversation as Sean shares superhost secrets to building an engaging, exciting, and powerful kahoot.

12:30pm PDT

Collaborating with Kahoot!

May Versoza

Kahoot! Ambassador, May Versoza, inspires collaboration and connection across her middle school students. With Kahoot! tools and features, she’s fostered powerful play across in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning environments. Learn top tips that channel collaboration and connection!

12:45pm PDT

K!offee kahoot

Saysha Jackson

How can teachers support our littlest learners in building community, collaboration, and connection? Play along with Kahoot! Ambassador and Verified educator, Saysha Jackson, to discover prompts that amplify awesome across classrooms and campuses!

1:00pm PDT

Where everybody knows your name: Why belonging matters for teachers and students

Louisa Rosenheck

The feeling of belonging is essential for both students and teachers to thrive in their schools. Learn about why that is and how we can make each other feel welcome and valued as educators.

1:30pm PDT

K!offee kahoot

Brian Heisey

Play along with Kahoot! Ambassador and Verified educator, Brian Heisey, to discover prompts that celebrate students! Brian will share tools and strategies for fostering student-centered learning through kahoot question types, feedback tools, and reporting details.

Frequently asked questions

Is Kahoot! EDU Meetup free to attend?

Yes, simply register using the form above and follow the instructions in your registration confirmation email!

When does the event start in my time zone?

The event will start at 10 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) on March 17. Go to this website if you’re not sure what time it will be in your time zone.

Please bear in mind that Daylight saving time will begin on Sunday 13 March in the US.

Here’s the start time in some other time zones:
Central Daylight Time (CDT): 12:00pm (Central U.S., Mexico, Latin America)
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 1:00pm(Eastern U.S., Peru, Colombia)
Western European Summer Time (GMT+1): 5:00pm (18:00)(The UK, Ireland, and Portugal)
Central European Summer Time (GMT+2): 6:00pm (19:00)(Most of the E.U.)
Malaysia (GMT+8): 1:00am
Sydney, Australia (GMT + 10): 4:00am
If you cannot attend the live event, the event will be recorded!

I’ve registered for the Meetup, how do I join the actual event?

We’re excited for you to join us at the Kahoot! EDU Spring Meetup!

To join the Meetup, please use the link sent to your email inbox. Look for an email with the subjectline “The countdown to Kahoot! EDU Meetup begins!“. You will also receive reminder emails the day before and an hour before the Meetup with a personal link to join when it’s time.

Don’t forget to check your spam folder in case you cannot locate those emails! If you have any questions, you can contact us at

I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend. Will this be recorded?

This event will be recorded and shared with those who register through the link in your registration confirmation email.

Will I get a certificate confirming I participated in this event? When?

You will receive a certificate confirming that you have participated in our event that qualifies you for professional development credits!

Can I use the certificate to claim Professional Development credits?

Yes, your certificate is proof of attendance to our event that qualifies you for professional development credits!