Halloween pumpkin. Image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/autumn-decor-decoration-decorative-21498/
6+ Questions

1st Grade Halloween Math

First Grade Halloween Math Addition, Subtraction, Math Stories etc. #1stgrade #halloween #math

  1. Chuck visited 4 houses with his mom and 4 with his dad. How many houses did he visit?
  2. Mike went trick or treating with his 5 pals. If 3 pals had to go home, how many would be left?
  3. Sasha had 10 stickers and lost some. Now he has 3. How many did he lose? 10 - ? = 3
  4. Emily went trick or treating with her 6 friends. 4 of them were boys. How many were girls?
  5. Which is the greatest number?
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