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Basic cell organelles

Basic cell organelles quiz, intended for 5th-7th grade

  1. This organelle provides the energy for the cell
  2. This organelle contains DNA and controls cellular growth and reproduction
  3. This organelle encloses and supports the cells in plants
  4. Clear substance that holds all the contents outside of the nucleus of a cell
  5. Organelle that separates the interior of all cells from the outside environment
  6. Storage bubbles found in cells. Plant cells have one big one.
  7. This is an image of a(n)
  8. This organelle converts energy into forms that are usable by the cell.
  9. This organelle absorb sunlight and uses it to produce food for plant cells
  10. This is an image of a plant cell
  11. This is a picture of a(n)
  12. This organelle functions to package and deliver proteins:
  13. This is an image of a plant cell
  14. Which of these is NOT an organelle
  15. All organelles are contained by the