canada day flag, illustration
11+ Questions

Canada Day: Tricky Canadian Trivia

Don't randomize the order - there are clues, tricks and links from question to question.

  1. What is Canada's national animal?
  2. You can skate and eat "Beaver Tails" on the canal in Canada's capital city. That city is:
  3. Which country is about to get a Canadian First Lady who grew up near Ottawa?
  4. Speaking of government, who is Canada's "Head of State"?
  5. Which of these celebrities is NOT Canadian?
  6. Which famous superhero was co-created by a Canadian?
  7. In 1901, Annie Edson Taylor survived going over Niagara Falls in a _____?
  8. A "barrel roll" is a trick in Canada's national summer sport. What's that sport called?
  9. Hockey and Lacrosse are the national sports, but which of these was invented by a Canadian?
  10. Speaking of inventions, which of these was NOT a Canadian invention?
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