Fractions: Division of Fractions - Word Problems
6+ Questions

Fractions: Division of Fractions – Word Problems

#Fractions #grade6 Interpret and compute #quotients of fractions, and solve #wordproblems involving #division of fractions by fractions. Based on Common Core standard #6.NS.1.

  1. A stack of boards is 21″ high. Each board is 1¾″ thick. How can you find the number of boards?
  2. There are 12 yards of fabric. Each pillow uses 2/3 yard. How many pillows can be made?
  3. Nine identical cakes weigh a total of 20¼ pounds. How much does each cake weigh?
  4. Twelve whole pizzas are eaten. Each person eats ¼ pizza. How many people eat pizza?
  5. The area of a rectangle is 25/42 and its width is 5/6. What is the length?
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