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Mrs JC’s Fabulous Fractions

Fabulous fractions for Year 5 students. #fractions #sets #groupsof

  1. What is the correct question for this fraction picture?
  2. What is 1/4 of 12?
  3. What is 3/6 of 18?
  4. This group of 20 apples have been divided into...?
  5. How many flowers make a 1/2 of this group?
  6. If I take 2 apples from this group how many do I have?
  7. What fraction of the Skittles are green?
  8. What is 1/4 of this group of bracelets?
  9. If half of these sharks bit me, how many didn't?
  10. What fraction of these fish are swimming to the left?
  11. … and 5 more awesome questions! Check them out by clicking “Play”.