Funny little boy writing math formula. Looks like he's discovered something amazing and very important.
10 Questions

Multiplication Madness

Multiplication using simple times tables. Test of speed and accuracy.

  1. Everyone knows their four times table, don't they? You have 10 seconds to answer.
  2. The five times table, it couldn't be easier. You've got 10 seconds again.
  3. Are they getting easier? The two times table now. You have 10 seconds but only need 2.
  4. This might be tricky, but not for you. You only have 10 seconds.
  5. You'll get this nice easy one in a second. You have 10 seconds just in case you don't.
  6. Remember those tricks with the 9 times table? You've got 10 seconds again to answer.
  7. Everyone loves the seven times table don't they? You have 10 seconds in case you disagree.
  8. There's a knack to the eleven times table but do you have it? You have 10 seconds to prove it.
  9. A change of pace with an area question? You have 20 seconds.
  10. Read this question and then do the multiplication? Twenty seconds should be enough time.