Ocean Wonders
10 Questions

Nat Geo Bee (Official) Creatures of the Sea

What's the best way to prepare for the National Geographic Bee? Practice! This #official #GeoBee quiz will test your knowledge of #creatures of the #sea. For more information ab...

  1. Which life form can shoot some of its internal organs out of its body to confuse predators?
  2. Which life form thrives around hydrothermal vents that spew heated mineral-rich water?
  3. Which creature pushes itself through the water by moving its strong tail up and down?
  4. Which sea creature hunts using stinging cells in its tentacles to stun its prey?
  5. Which life form is a type of sea slug that can be found off the coast of Australia?
  6. Which sea creature hatches from an egg in the brood pouch on the male’s abdomen?
  7. Which animal is a parasitic fish with a suction-cup mouth that it uses to attach to its host?
  8. Which species hunts by bumping seals off the ice in the Antarctic?
  9. Which large sea creature has a back fin that never fully develops but creates a rounded rudder?
  10. Which sea creature is a filter feeder that helps keep the water clean?