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Nat Geo Bee (Official) U.S. Food Faves

What's the best way to prepare for the National Geographic Bee? Practice! This is #official #GeoBee quiz will test your knowledge of United States #geography and some food favor...

  1. You can ride a train at the Jelly Belly warehouse near the city of Kenosha in which state?
  2. You can create your own candy bar at Hershey’s Chocolate World near Harrisburg in which state?
  3. Buffalo wings take their name from a city located on Lake Erie in which state?
  4. You can create your own custom PEZ candy dispenser near New Haven in which New England state?
  5. Oreo cookies are mainly produced in Richmond in which eastern state?
  6. Doritos were invented in the 1960s at Disneyland in the Santa Ana Valley in which state?
  7. The Dr. Pepper Museum is located in Waco near the Brazos River in which state?
  8. A Jell-O plant is located in Mason City in which state that borders the Mississippi River?
  9. Potato chips are produced at the Utz factory in Hanover in which state?
  10. The Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory is located east of Lake Champlain in which state?