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10 Questions

Nat Geo Bee (Official) U.S. State Savvy

What's the best way to prepare for the National Geographic Bee? Practice! This is #official #GeoBee quiz will test your knowledge of United States #geography. For more informati...

  1. Which state borders Lake Michigan?
  2. Which state has a longer border with Canada?
  3. Which state has a smaller population?
  4. Key West is a resort city located on an island chain that is part of which state?
  5. The San Andreas Fault is located in which state?
  6. The city of Baton Rouge is located on the Mississippi River in which state?
  7. The Aleutian Islands are part of which state?
  8. Which state is the leading producer of both oil and natural gas?
  9. Lexington and Bowling Green are cities located in which state?
  10. Which state is located in the Great Plains?