Cinema tickets. Image credit: Pixabay
6+ Questions

Number Systems: Decimal Operations

#NumberSystems #grade6 #math. Fluently #add, #subtract, #multiply, and #divide multi-digit #decimals using the standard #algorithm for each operation. Based on Common Core Stand...

  1. Liz can buy movie tickets for $8.25. Her dad gave her $20. How many tickets can she buy?
  2. Susan bought a purse for $16.90 and a pair of shoes for $44.30. How much money did she spend?
  3. What number can be multiplied by 3.6 to give the product of 16.2?
  4. Choose the correct answer.
  5. Lee has $35. He buys a hat for $17 and a soda for $1. 49. How much money does he have left?
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