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18 Questions

The Water Cycle

5th grade water cycle kahoot

  1. When water is heated in the ocean and turns into water vapor
  2. When water vapor is cooled and forms droplets-
  3. After condensation the water droplets fall to the Earth in different forms of-
  4. The forms of precipitation are: rain, snow, sleet, and hail
  5. If water was heated by a hot plate to model the water cycle, the hot plate represents
  6. More evaporation occurs at night time.
  7. When water is evaporated from the surface of the ocean
  8. The water cycle has no start or end
  9. When plants give off drops of water it is called
  10. When tiny droplets of water form in the air it is called
  11. When water flows back into the ocean it is called
  12. Clouds contain water vapor.
  13. When drops of water fall down from the sky-