Little boy looking at world map
11+ Questions

Where in the World???

This quiz features famous landmarks of the world and tests students' knowledge of geography and international cultures.

  1. Also known as the "City of Love," this CITY is home to the famous landmark pictured here.
  2. If you were visiting this landmark, what language would you hear most native citizens speaking?
  3. The majority of Spanish-speaking immigrants who live in the D.C. area are from what COUNTRY?
  4. Machu Picchu is a sacred site of the Incas. In what South American COUNTRY is it found?
  5. Euro-Disney in located in Paris. What currency (money) would you use to vacation there?
  6. This is the Taj Mahal, a monument built to honor an emperor's wife. In what COUNTRY is it?
  7. From what South American COUNTRY is Neymar Jr. from?
  8. This is a Mayan pyramid. In what COUNTRY are pyramids of this culture found?
  9. Where is the only COUNTRY where pandas reside in a natural habitat (not in a zoo)?
  10. This famous CITY, seen here, will host the 2016 Summer Olympics. What is it?
  11. … and 8 more awesome questions! Check it out by clicking “Play”.