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Make a kahoot in our new creator

  • Instead of typing your own questions, pull them from our question bank!
  • Add slides in-between questions to give more context: we recommend using images and videos.
  • Gather student feedback by adding a poll.
  • Say more with your kahoot: we’ve extended character limits in questions and answers.
How to create a kahoot
How to add slides to your kahoot
How to add polls to your kahoot
How to use the question bank

Get your kahoots organized in folders

  • Structure kahoots by subject, topic, grade or any other criteria.
  • Add folders both in My kahoots and in your school’s team space.
  • Save time finding kahoots you need for your class.

Ready for more? Get your colleagues on board and try these collaboration features:

  • Invite other teachers to your school’s team space
  • Co-create and edit kahoots with other teachers
  • Organize shared folders around department, subject or grade
  • Add your school logo or mascot to personalize kahoots