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Engage your professional audience wherever they are with Kahoot! 360

Bring your colleagues together with engaging live events and hybrid meetings to interactive courses and self-paced learning. Save over 25% on Kahoot! 360 today, from $29/month.

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Most popular - Save over 25%
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Kahoot! 360 Presenter
$39 $29 per host
per month
$468 $347 billed annually
Up to 50 participants per session
This plan is best for

This plan is best for:
Engaging presentations & workshops

Best value - Enhanced by AI
Kahoot! 360 Pro Max
$79 $59 per host
per month
$948 $708 billed annually
Up to 2000 participants per session

This plan is best for:
Engaging, custom branded sessions & training courses

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Deliver engaging interactive presentations and meetings
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Interactive presentations

Import a slide deck and/or create slides in the Kahoot! platform. Mix in quizzes and polls for an engaging, interactive session.

Illustration of Kahoot! brainstorm cards

Spark discussions and surface great feedback. Collect, sort, discuss and vote on ideas!


Generate excitement around the key statistic in your presentation which you want the audience to remember.

The complete, branded Kahoot! experience
Kahoot! Themes
Custom themes

Deliver a branded presentation or learning experience. Custom themes allow you to insert your own logo and background images.

Embeddable kahoots

Embed self-paced sessions into your intranet, Learning Management System or other webpages for an internal audience.

Complete toolkit to create courses—faster

Save time on content creation and editing with this option to reuse or repurpose existing material from a PDF with AI.