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Engage your professional audience wherever they are with Kahoot! 360

Bring your colleagues together with engaging live events and hybrid meetings to interactive courses and self-paced learning. Save over 25% on Kahoot! 360 today, from $29/month.

Most popular - Save over 25%
Kahoot! 360 Presenter
$39 $29 per host
per month
$468 $348 billed annually
Up to 50 participants per session
This plan is best for

This plan is best for:
Engaging presentations & workshops

Best value - Enhanced by AI
Kahoot! 360 Pro Max
$79 $69 per host
per month
$948 $828 billed annually
Up to 2000 participants per session

This plan is best for:
Showcasing your brand in external training sessions, webinars & events

All prices exclude VAT
Engaging interactive presentations and meetings
Import and create slides

Import a slide deck and/or use our range of presentation slides. Mix in quiz questions and brainstorms for an interactive session.


Spark discussions and surface great ideas. Collect, sort, discuss and vote on ideas!

Premium image library

Find the perfect picture for every slide and question. Choose from millions of high-quality pictures from Getty images.

The complete, branded Kahoot! experience
Our complete plan for single hosts

With up to 2,000 participants, all question types unlocked, millions of premium images and options to add your own theme and logo, Kahoot! 360 Pro Max is the complete single-host plan.

Customize and brand your kahoots

Use preset visual themes or create your own. Add your logo to make Kahoot! your own.