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Happy Thanksgiving!
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  • 2.6K players

Algebra: Rate of Change - Thanksgiving Edition

Algebra for grades 7 to 9. Calculate the rate of change of a linear function represented algebraically, in a table or in a graph in mathematical and Thanksgiving problems. Based on TEKS standardA.3(B) Made in co-operation with Mathy Cathy!
Thanksgiving. Image credit: Pixabay
  • 547 Plays
  • 5.3K players

Life Science: Nutrition of Thanksgiving Dinner

This kahoot explores the nutrition in a Thanksgiving feast by looking at the food pyramid and nutritional values of traditional foods. Grades 4 to 8. Based on NGSSS: SC.6.L.14.3; SC.6.L.14.5; SC.912.L.18.2; SC.912.L.18.4; MS-LS1-3; MS-LS1-7

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