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Math collection. Image credits:
  • 363 Plays
  • 3.9K players

Algebra: Graphing Linear Systems

Graph systems of two linear equations in two variables on the coordinate plan and determine the solutions if they exist. Apply academic vocabulary about linear systems. Based on TEKS standard A.3(F). Made in cooperation with Mathy Cathy

Math collection.
  • 2.6K Plays
  • 74.7K players

Geometry: Circle Relationships

Apply theorems about circles, including relationships among angles, radii, chords, tangents, and secants, to solve problems . Geometry, grade 10, based on Common Core standard G-C.2, and on TEKS standard G-12a

Science collection
  • 865 Plays
  • 8.1K players

Physical Science: Energy & Power

Review the differences between energy and power and how they relate to work. The formula for calculating power with examples is also included. Based onNGSSS: 4-PS3-1; 4-PS3-2