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Kahoot!+ Premier
for teachers
$7.99 $6.95 per teacher
per month
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Up to 200 participants per session
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for teachers
$12.99 $9.87 per teacher
per month
$156 $120 billed annually
Up to 400 participants per session
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Kahoot!+ Premier for teachers
Engagement set
Gamify student-led learning
  • Student-led game experiences
  • Customizable characters
  • Fun premade themes
Feedback set
Build future-ready learning skills
  • Poll questions
  • Drop pin responses on images
  • Give feedback on a scale (coming soon)
Presentation set
Enrich your lesson content
  • Advanced slide layouts
  • Import existing slides
  • PowerPoint integration
Kahoot!+ Max for teachers
Premium content set
Supplement your curriculum
  • Premium ready-made content created by verified educators and publishing partners
Precision set
Help students master learning content
  • Pin answer for graded responses (coming soon)
  • Slider questions with correct range
  • Type answer for exact wording
  • Challenges without deadlines
Assessment set
Assess student progress
  • Download student reports
  • Combine reports for progress monitoring
  • Access entire course reports
Classroom culture tools
Collaborative learning experiences
  • Assign custom teams in team modes
  • Create custom names for teams
  • Personalize kahoots with custom themes