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Now enhanced with AI
Kahoot! EDU Standard
School & District
$12.99 per teacher
per month
$155.88 billed annually
Up to 800 participants per session
What's included?
Includes early access to AI-assisted kahoot creation
Best value -  now enhanced with AI
Kahoot! EDU Pro
School & District
$17.99 per teacher
per month
$215.88 billed annually
Up to 2000 participants per session
All prices include VAT
Player limit
Synchronous player limit Number of players that can participate in a live kahoot.
Asynchronous player limit Number of players that can participate in an assigned kahoot.
Creation set
Create private kahoots Create kahoots that are only visible to you which cannot be shared and do not appear in search results.
Premium image library Access millions of high-quality images in the image library and add them to your kahoots.
Teaching guides Create teaching guides by sharing and exchanging resources with educators around the world through downloadable documents.
Audio in questions Add audio to questions to make reading and listening assignments more interactive, power up language learning, and engage younger learners. This feature supports 37 languages.
New!Question generator (assisted by AI) Create instant kahoots with AI generated questions.
Co-writer (assisted by AI) - Coming soon Shorten, extend, or adjust the tone of voice for your text instantly to suit the audience.
Review set
Multi-select answers Drive deeper learning and promote accuracy with multi-select answers in quiz questions.
Puzzle In a puzzle question, students need to order answers in the correct order. Perfect for spelling and grammar learning, building formulas and math equations, and more.
Image reveal Gradually reveal the image in a kahoot question to get students focused.
Up to 6 answers Add up to 6 answers to quiz and poll questions.
Navigate to previous questions Revisit previous slides and answers to facilitate discussions and reinforce key points before continuing with the live kahoot.
Feedback set
Poll Collect student feedback or do a quick pulse-check at any point during the class.
Drop pin Gather opinions by asking players to drop pins on an image.
Scale (coming soon) Collect opinions and ratings from players in a poll-like scale where every vote counts.
Engagement set
Expanded characters and accessories Themed character and accessory sets to boost variety and engagement.
Personalized learning Based on spacing and testing learning methods, the Kahoot! app will create personalized kahoots with questions a student answered incorrectly in a live kahoot.
New game modes early access A variety of game modes that add a spin to the classic kahoot quizzes. Get ready to turn up the energy, excitement, and participation for players big and small.
New!Featured game packs access Expand the gameplay with in-game enhancements such as new characters, accessories, themes, and rewards.
New!Game pack catalog access Take engaging learning to the next level with game packs. Get access to our full catalog of game packs with in-game enhancements to boost participation and engagements for best learning outcomes.
Teaching set
Slide importer Import existing slides from Google Slides (as PDF), PowerPoint and Keynote.
Advanced slide layouts Save time by adding your content to pre-made slides that have been designed to match a number of use cases.
PowerPoint integration Deliver engaging lessons that keep students energized with our integration with Microsoft PowerPoint! The integration enables you to host kahoots within PowerPoint without leaving the Presenter View.
Select a premade theme Select a premade theme of your choice.
New!Slide reactions Allow audience to react during a slide presentation with five unique emojis.
Precision set
Type answer Ask students to type a short answer.
Slider Let players guess the number on the slider.
Pin answer (coming soon) Allow players to choose their answers by placing a pin on an image.
Ongoing assigned kahoots without deadline Remove completion deadlines from student-paced kahoots. Useful for extra practice kahoots and playing with multiple classes over time.
Adaptive kahoots (assisted by AI) - Coming soon Adapt kahoots to your students' progress by adjusting the questions based on their level of understanding.
Assessment set
Download reports Download reports for an insightful summary of the game, player results, question performance, and overall feedback.
Combine reports Combine multiple reports to assess class progress over time.
Course reports Powerful analytics tool for assessing learning outcomes and key stats by capturing instructional insights.
Player ID Player ID allows you, the host, to know the identity of each player and track progress across multiple games
Customization set
Create unlisted kahoots Create unlisted kahoots which are only accessible via a URL and will not appear in public search results.
Pay by invoice Kahoot! offers a number of payment options, including the added flexibility of paying by invoice.
Add a custom logo Brand the lobby, podium, and whole experience with your schools logo.
Custom themes Create multiple themes for use by your institution for a customized experience. Choose colors that match your branding.
Teams Players join teams from their own devices and compete against other teams.
Team names Each team has its own unique name and illustration.
Team line-ups Players are automatically assigned to teams.
Premium content set
Play ready-to-use kahoots Save time by choosing from existing, ready-to-use premium content in Kahoot!+ AccessPass.
Discussion set
Word cloud Collect short free-form poll responses that will be visualized as a word cloud.
Brainstorm for schools Collect, discuss and vote on ideas to give students a voice in any learning environment.
Open-ended Ask players to type a long free-form response.
Admin set
Shareable link to invite educators Invite and onboard hundreds of teachers in your school or district by using a site license.
Customer success manager A dedicated customer success manager will help you get on board with Kahoot! EDU, roll out a site license and make the most of your experience.
Multiple admins Assign multiple admins to manage your school's Kahoot! account.
Dedicated admin area Manage licenses and billing, add custom branding, and view usage reports in one dedicated admin area.
Usage reports Monitor and optimize Kahoot! usage in your school.
Student-led learning set
Student passes for the Kahoot! creator A student pass allows teachers to share access to premium content, learning apps and enhanced creator functionality with their students through a QR code or link.
Student pass duration The number and duration of passes depend on your account type and subscription level.
Unlimited Kahoot! Kids access Immerse children of different ages to math, reading, chess and more through engaging apps for learning at home.
New solo game modes early access Engage and learn by competing the game itself as you aim for victory and personal achievement.
Advanced creation Boost learning and engagment with advanced features, including new game modes, question types, and ai-assistance.
Advanced study modes Test yourself to track learning progress, set weekly goals, and generate a summary test from courses.
Advanced study goals Set weekly goals and receive reminders to keep track of all your learning progress.
Answer explanations (assisted by AI) - Coming soon Get a brief or detailed explanation of the answer instantly with the power of AI.
Premium study content - Coming soon
Collaboration set
Teacher groups Create groups with educators from your school and externally to share kahoots for specific subject, grades, standards, etc.
Number of teacher group members Invited members can view, share, and host kahoots that other educators have added to the group. Members can be from anywhere in the world!
Report API for LMS integrations (min 25 licenses) A minimum of 25 licenses is required to ensure that enough data is available to provide valuable insights into your students’ learning progress.
SSO support Enjoy seamless user management and enhanced security with single sign-on (SSO). SSO supports SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect 2.0 SSO and is available for institutions with 100+ licenses. Contact us to find out more.
Teacher essentials
Multiple-choice quiz Add 2, 4 (or 6 answer alternatives with a paid plan) for players to choose from.
Images as answers Add images instead of text as answer alternatives - particularly useful for pre-readers, math learners, and topics that require visual learning.
Slide Create slides to introduce a topic, explain the right answer, or provide more context.
View reports View analytics in advanced reports and get actionable insights to target instruction.
Courses Organize kahoots into collections around specific topics or chapters to create a course.
Student-paced kahoots Assign a student-paced kahoot that learners play on their personal devices in class or at home.
Team mode Players can huddle around a shared device and compete against other teams. Or players can join teams from personal devices and compete against other teams.
Single-screen experience Make the live Kahoot! experience more accessible by enabling questions and answers on player’s devices via the game options prior to starting your kahoot.
Read aloud Enhance the self-study experience in study modes and assigned kahoots in the Kahoot! app. With the read aloud option enabled the app will read aloud the question and answer alternatives one by one, highlighting which part is being read, so players can choose the answer if they can’t read the text on screen.
Question bank Create kahoots up to 3x faster by choosing from half a billion questions created by our community.
Online support Need a helping hand? Contact our support team should any issues arise.
Nickname generator Turn on the nickname generator to avoid inappropriate nicknames. Students get three spins of the generator, which creates nicknames composing of an adjective and animal.
Verified creator profile Apply to become a verified creator and join a community of millions around the globe. Note - EDU plans do NOT have access to sell content on the marketplace.
Recommended plan
5 teams
1 trial pass
3 days
Now enhanced with AI
Kahoot! EDU Standard
School & District
per teacher per month
billed annually
10 teams
100 passes
1 year
Save up to 42%
Kahoot! EDU Pro
School & District
per teacher per month
billed annually
20 teams
250 passes
1 year
Recommended plan
Now enhanced with AI
Kahoot! EDU Standard
School & District
per teacher per month
billed annually
Save up to 42%
Kahoot! EDU Pro
School & District
per teacher per month
billed annually

How you can use Kahoot! EDU at your school or district

Build 21st-century skills with student passes that give your students access to the Kahoot! creator to make their own kahoots and share their knowledge with the class.

Track learning progress with advanced reports to see which students answer questions correctly and who needs more help – download and combine reports to see class progress over time.

Boost engagement and collaboration with new interactive game modes that require students to answer questions correctly and work together to accomplish their goals!

Introduce new topics with slides and repeated questions that put all students on a level playing field and allow them to feel successful and motivated early on in the lesson.

Reinforce learning with live and assigned review kahoots to test their knowledge of a topic in a fun, engaging, and low-pressure environment before formal assessment.

Assess existing knowledge with warm-up and recap kahoots to identify which topics your students have already grasped and those that need more teaching.

“Having the opportunity to improve collaboration between teachers has been huge for us. This is a great way to save time!”
Terri Brungardt, District Media Specialist, Widefield School District, Colorado, US
Photo of Jonathan Tepper
“Getting a Kahoot! EDU site license has helped us empower our educators with the tools to collaborate and engage learners both in class and at home.”
Jonathan Tepper, Executive Director of Information & Learning Technology at Greenwood College School

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Kahoot! EDU for schools and districts
Discussion set
Give each student a voice
  • Brainstorm answers
  • Open-ended questions
  • Word-cloud prompt questions
Student-led learning set
Empower student knowledge sharing
  • Student access to Kahoot! creator
  • Study modes for content review
  • Award-winning learning apps
  • Player ID for participation and attendance
Collaboration set
Collaborate across your school or district
  • Shared teacher workspace
  • Unlimited group size
Kahoot! EDU Pro for schools and districts
Premium content set
Supplement your curriculum
  • Premium ready-made content created by verified educators and publishing partners
Student expansion set
Expand the student experience
  • Up to 250 student passes
  • Up to 2000 players
  • Up to 10K players for asynchronous kahoots
Integration set
Integrate with existing tools
  • Data API
  • Google classroom API
  • SSO support
  • Multiple organizations
School spirit set
Boost school spirit with customization
  • Customizable themes to match school branding