Empower educators to engage their students, and unlock advanced admin features

Buy a Premium+ campus site license before September 30 and get 5 months free!

  • Equip educators to create and teach interactive lessons in- and outside the classroom
  • Easily roll out Kahoot! across your campus with a site license
  • Seamlessly collaborate at scale by adding multiple admins
  • Oversee a collection of kahoots that every educator in your organization can access
  • Assess and track learning progress by combining powerful kahoot reports (coming soon)

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Seamlessly onboard educators

Easily connect educators in every faculty by inviting them to Kahoot! with a universal license key.

Facilitate distance learning

Provide educators with the tools to instruct remotely and engage students at home with student-paced challenges or live games via video.

Access advanced admin features

Provide multiple admins across your campus with the advanced tools to manage users, content, and usage reports.

Enable large-scale collaboration

Boost collaboration with a private team space where educators co-create and share interactive lessons.

Empower educators to teach interactive lessons

Save time by importing slides and adding questions to create interactive lessons that engage students and boost learning outcomes.

Boost engagement with advanced question types

Create impactful interactive lessons by using our full suite of engaging question types, including puzzles, polls, and type answer questions.

Assess learning outcomes

Take formative assessment to the next level with powerful reports that identify knowledge gaps and help educators improve their instruction.

Create a fully branded gameplay experience

Boost school spirit and student engagement by customizing kahoots with your school’s logo or mascot.

Securely onboard your organization

Securely onboard educators and oversee privacy settings for your whole organization.

“We have over 1,200 students and a lot of teachers that teach the same subject. Sharing kahoots across the same kinds of classes is really beneficial and time saving.”
Stephanie Wang, instructional technologist, Bishop O’Dowd High School
“Collaboration is a common theme brought up by teachers when it comes to saving time. By sharing games across the school, they help each other find relevant kahoots in seconds.”
Santi Khairassame, EdTech consultant, Junior High School 217 in NYC

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