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UDEM faculty rolled out Kahoot! EDU licensing to more than 1,356 higher education professors and enabled them with new ways to make their instruction more engaging and interactive for their students

Key Takeaways
Enhanced teaching methods: UDEM educators know how to use Kahoot! effectively, which leads to more engaging and interactive instruction.
Improved student engagement: With the introduction of game-based learning experiences, UDEM students experience increased engagement and motivation in their learning process.
UDEM partners up with Kahoot! to upskill educators on the usage of Kahoot! EDU licensing: UDEM and Kahoot! are teaming up to offer UDEM educators courses on using Kahoot! EDU's latest features and game modes to enhance their students' learning experience.
A more collaborative classroom instruction: UDEM educators are implementing the use of Kahoot! game modes to make their lectures more interactive and collaborative among their students.
UDEM case study profile
Areli Barrón & Abril Ríos
Educational Technology experts

About our Kahoot! heroes: Areli and Abril are experts in Educational Technologies at Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM). They have been working together to provide UDEM instructors with the necessary edtech platforms for improved instruction with their students. 

Empowering educators with high-end engagement tools 

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, only a few instructors at UDEM utilized Kahoot! to engage their students. However, as the pandemic progressed and forced students and instructors to study and lecture from home, there was a significant increase in the usage of Kahoot!. This increase meant that many educators were using the free version of Kahoot! for instruction. As the pandemic continued for a couple of years, educators began to require more functionalities from Kahoot!, which led them to pay out of pocket for individual Kahoot!+ licenses, which drew the attention of UDEM’s faculty administration.

To help alleviate this burden, UDEM launched a support program for 1,356 educators, offering a rollout of licenses for Kahoot! EDU. The program’s goal was to prevent educators from having to pay for Kahoot! out of their own pockets and to encourage the use of technology within the institution to increase learning and engagement in the classroom.

After the adoption of Kahoot! EDU licensing at UDEM, Areli and her team introduced a technology plan designed to support the learning and development of their educators with EdTech, including several courses aimed at helping instructors learn how to use technology in their courses to improve the learning outcomes of their students. 

One of these courses is dedicated to the use of Kahoot! EDU. Initially, the course was designed by Areli and Abril and the content of it was based on their own knowledge and experience using Kahoot!. However, as  UDEM educators had more questions about what they could do with their Kahoot! EDU licensing, Areli and Abril decided to work closer together with Kahoot!, meeting with the Kahoot! team for personalized learning sessions where they could discover more about the functionalities of the platform, as well as the latest features and the use of game modes, so they could transfer this knowledge across faculty educators. 

“We have been collaborating with Kahoot! for the creation of our educator courses for two years. These sessions have been enlightening as we have learned about more tools available in Kahoot! beyond the traditional live game experience. Our department aims to make pedagogy and learning more fun and engaging, and these tools have helped us achieve that.”

Areli Barrón, Educational Technologies Coordinator
UDEM case study

Increased interest from UDEM educators 

The Kahoot! courses have become popular among the educators at UDEM. Areli and Abril recall educators being excited after they discovered the array of functionalities of the Kahoot! EDU license. Game modes were of particular interest to some instructors.

“I have observed a growing curiosity among our educators to learn more about Kahoot! game modes. An excellent illustration of this is when we introduced them to Treasure Trove, Color Kingdom, and Submarine Squad. These new game modes enabled the whole class to collaborate, an aspect that educators had asked Areli and me about.”

Abril Ríos, Educational Technology Advisor

Areli and Abril recently introduced Sparks to UDEM instructors. Sparks is a brand-new teaching tool on the Kahoot! platform that stirs students’ imaginations. It is designed to be flexible for all learners and cultivate a culture of confidence, divergent thinking, and evaluation. The response to Sparks among UDEM instructors has been favorable. For example, Professor Martha Teresa Bernate Valbuena, from the Business School, Department of Accounting and Finance shared her thoughts about using Sparks with her students. 

“I previously had limited opportunities to engage with my students personally. However, the new Kahoot Sparks platform has revolutionized my interactions with them. It has allowed me to learn about their feelings, self-expression, and imagination. I enjoyed witnessing them laugh and relax, a refreshing change from the usual classroom setting.”

Professor Martha Teresa Bernate Valbuena, from the Business School, Department of Accounting and Finance
UDEM case study

Professor Martha finds Sparks an inclusive tool because it allows students to participate by drawing or coloring rather than just writing. Moreover, Professor Martha believes that using Sparks helps students to be more engaged and participate more in class as the activity is anonymous, which is crucial for students to feel comfortable. Finally, she can review reports that show her how many students participated and participated in the class. This is particularly important for her as she places great value on student engagement. 

Communication and a tight relationship with the instructors

At the start of the academic year, Areli and Abril led a creative communication campaign intending to engage the 1,356 educators at UDEM. The campaign aims to provide crucial updates about instruction resources, availability, and the courses’ scheduled dates, enabling them to integrate the latest additions into their teaching methodologies seamlessly.

“The professors are eager to keep their Kahoot! licenses and appreciate our help securing them. To make it easier for educators to attend Kahoot! courses, we communicate well in advance. By collaborating with the CS team at Kahoot!, we have increased participation and provided educators with direct knowledge about the benefits of Kahoot! EDU.”

Areli Barrón, Educational Technologies Coordinator

An easy-to-use to use platform that students enjoy 

Beyond the breakdown of knowledge of features, game modes, and benefits for administrators at UDEM, Areli and Abril also smile when they remember why they initially chose Kahoot!

“Kahoot! is a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that provides a variety of entertaining sounds and cool music. Students love using Kahoot! and are always engaged and responsive to the questions presented. The different question types, from traditional responses to puzzles, keep students attentive and motivated during classroom learning.”

Abril Ríos, Educational Technology Advisor

Areli and Abril are currently evaluating the potential of expanding their Kahoot! EDU licensing as the platform is one of the favorites among UDEM educators. This year, they will also focus on analyzing in-depth how educators are using Kahoot! in their courses, to identify how they can make their experience using the platform easier and more enjoyable for both students and educators. 

Interested in implementing Kahoot! EDU licensing across your faculty, or  want to know more about individual licensing with Kahoot!+ for educators? Do you have a Kahoot! success story with us?  Please reach out to or contact us on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok,  or X

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