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Kahoot! certified

What is Kahoot! Certified for schools?

Welcome to Kahoot! Certified for schools, our free program to help you become the ultimate Kahoot! superhero. You can maximize learning with Kahoot!, score awesome diplomas and digital badges, and you could be eligible to claim professional learning credits.

Are you ready to create amazing moments for your students, no matter if you’re teaching in class or virtually? Begin your journey now with our essential courses!



 Effortlessly navigate the Kahoot! platform

 Search and discover existing high-quality kahoots from our library of millions

 Duplicate and customize an existing kahoot to fit your needs

 Launch and host a live kahoot in class or via video



 Create a high-quality kahoot from scratch

 Add multimedia to enhance your kahoot

 Understand game options to tailor your live Kahoot! Experience

 Assign student-paced challenges to focus on accuracy

 Make the most of Kahoot! in a distance learning setting



 Access and analyze Kahoot! reports

 Use Kahoot! for formative assessment

 Master the Kahoot! app

 Understand how to use Kahoot! for revision

 Have a clear understanding of some of the deeper use cases for Kahoot!

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Start with the essential courses

How to create and play Kahoot!

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Award: Silver
  • Duration: 1 hour

Report, formative assessment and the Kahoot! app

  • Level: Advanced
  • Award: Gold
  • Duration: 1 hour

Next step: Advanced Certification courses

Further your learning with Kahoot! and score unique badges by participating in our Advanced Certification program.

More to come!

Courses will be added over time, check back regularly to expand and deepen your use of Kahoot!

Frequently asked questions

Who can take the course?

Anyone with a Kahoot! teacher account: there are no restrictions to who can participate! The courses will most benefit those who are teaching, presenting or training on Kahoot! in some way, but all Kahoot!’ers are welcome to take part.

Sign up for a Kahoot! account.

Do I need to take the essential courses before I can move on to Advanced Certification?

Our Advanced Certification courses are designed to be standalone modules for all those who would like to further their learning with Kahoot!, so you can take them anytime, without the need to get certified with our essential Kahoot! Certified for schools program first.

However, we recommend you to complete the essential courses first so you’re up to speed with all basic Kahoot! features.

How do I take the course?

The essential Kahoot! Certified for schools program currently consists of three tiered courses: Bronze (beginner), Silver (intermediate) and Gold (advanced). The Advanced Certification consists of self-paced courses that can be taken as standalone courses anytime.

In addition to reading the downloadable PDF study guides, each course contains multiple short video lessons that are about 5 minutes long. These videos can be watched as many times as you need to! This will help you learn on the go, in short bursts, or whenever is convenient for you.

Each class has an assignment at the end that needs to be completed and passed for you to claim your diploma and badge. The pass rate is 80%, or 8 out of 10 questions answered correctly.

How do I take the assignment and get certified?

On each course page there is a link to an assignment, with a Kahoot! challenge game PIN. To complete the assignment challenges, you’ll need to have the Kahoot! app installed on your smartphone or tablet (available on iOS or Android devices), and be signed into your Kahoot! account.

We need you signed into your account so we can identify you, and if successful, email you your diploma and badge.

How do I get to the next course?

When you have passed an assignment, we’ll email you the diploma, badge, and the link to the next course. We’ll send this to the email registered to your Kahoot! account.

What happens if I don’t pass the assignment?

Never fear – you can retake the assignment. We’ll email you with information on when a new challenge PIN will be available. We’ll update the courses with a new challenge pin every Monday.

I haven’t received my diploma, what do I do?

There are two things that might have gone wrong in these cases.
– Make sure you’re signed in to your Kahoot! account in the app before taking the assignment. You need to be signed in for us to identify you and email the diploma and badge.
– Ensure the email registered to your Kahoot! account is correct, as that’s where we’ll be emailing you.

If those steps do not resolve the issue, please contact our customer support team.

If you forgot to log into your account in the app, you have the several options to retake the Kahoot! challenge (assignment), a new PIN code will be updated to the course pages every Monday. Another alternative would be to delete the app, reinstall it and take the assignment.


Can I claim PD credits?

Yes: we have designed the program so you could be eligible to claim professional development credits. On each course page we have specified how many hours are needed to finish each course tier. Moreover, our PDF study guides and the diploma (for passed courses) can be used as documentation to show completion of the Kahoot! Certified for schools program.

Do I need to get re-certified now that the program is relaunched?

No, your certification stays valid.