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Kahoot! Certified
for schools

Become Kahoot! Certified with our free program to help you transform your teaching. Learn how you can save time, simplify lesson planning, and create engaging learning experiences your students will love!

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What is Kahoot! Certified for schools?

Our Kahoot! Certified for schools program will help you get confident with the basics through to becoming a Kahoot! Superhero. We have three exciting courses coming soon that you can sign up to complete as soon as they launch!

You’ll get the chance to earn digital badges, score awesome diplomas, and claim professional learning credits.

Bronze Kahoot! certification badge


 Beginner: 30 minutes

 Effortlessly navigate the Kahoot! platform

 Search and discover existing high-quality kahoots from our library

 Launch and host a live kahoot in class or via video

Silver Kahoot! certification badge


 Intermediate: 30 minutes

 Create high quality-kahoots

 Tailor your kahoots using a variety of question types

 Assign kahoots and analyze Kahoot! reports

Gold Kahoot! certification badge


 Advanced: 30 minutes

 Apply a student-centric approach

 Understand game options: solo game modes vs team modes

 Understand how to use student passes

Frequently asked questions

Who can take the course?

Anyone with a Kahoot! teacher account can participate! The courses will most benefit those who are teaching, presenting, or training on Kahoot! in some way, but all Kahoot!’ers are welcome to take part.

Sign up for a Kahoot! account.

How do I take the course?

The essential Kahoot! Certified for schools program currently consists of three tiered courses: Bronze (beginner), Silver (intermediate), and Gold (advanced).

Each course consists of our new content format story, where you’ll read through tips and tricks and watch videos before taking part in a kahoot to recap the module for you to claim your diploma and badge.

How do I take the assignment and get certified?

Each course has a link to an assignment, with a Kahoot! challenge. To complete the assignment challenges, you’ll need to be signed in to your Kahoot! account so that we can identify you and email you your diploma and badge on completion of the course.

How do I get to the next course?

When you have passed an assignment, we’ll email you the diploma, badge, and the link to the next course. We’ll send this to the email registered to your Kahoot! account.

Can I claim PD credits?

Yes: we have designed the program so you could be eligible to claim professional development credits. On each course page we have specified how many hours are needed to finish each course tier. Moreover, our PDF study guides and the diploma (for passed courses) can be used as documentation to show completion of the Kahoot! Certified for schools program.