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Kahoot! for schools

Engage students in class and virtually with an interactive whiteboard tool! Get everyone to participate, share and collaborate (even students who tend to be shy!), and provide instant feedback to every student in real time.


How powers up student participation and collaboration

Create a positive learning environment

Use in class, virtually or in a hybrid format to create an environment where everyone is comfortable to participate and share.

Lower the threshold for participation

Include every student and let everybody share notes and answers on their individual boards. Give a voice to those who tend to be reluctant to participate!

Instantly assess learning

Observe students’ input to their individual whiteboards in real time, assess learning and identify knowledge gaps.

Provide targeted, real-time feedback

Based on students’ input, provide targeted feedback on an individual level to help them master learning content.

Empower students to express their learning

With, students can express their learning by drawing, writing notes, adding equations, and more.

Collaborate with other teachers

Invite other teachers to participate and collaborate with you and your class in one single session.

“The best thing about using Whiteboard is that it provides an effective visual for diverse learners and that it also allows me to check for understanding.”
Tonya Peebles, Special Education math teacher, Bradwell Elementary School
“The students love the fact that I can join their whiteboard individually to answer and redirect work in a confidential way.”
Michele Richmond, math teacher, Seckman High School

Top features for collaboration in class and virtually

Start from scratch or design a whiteboard to work with

Every student gets their individual whiteboard that only the teacher can see, while all students are able to see the teacher’s whiteboard. You can start a session from scratch, or add some content to it. For example, you can upload an image and make it appear on all students’ individual whiteboards.


Students get versatile tools to express learning gives students a rich toolkit they can use to express themselves on their individual whiteboards, solve problems, complete assignments, and present results. In addition to text notes, they can insert and annotate images, add PDFs, emojis, shapes and math symbols.


Save time by reusing whiteboards

No need to start a whiteboard from scratch in your next class! Save whiteboards to your personal library, organize them in folders and reuse them when needed.


Keep track of learning by creating permanent rooms

Using with the same class? Create a permanent room so it’s easier to join and keep track of the previous whiteboard sessions with the same students.


Teach together with a colleague

Invite a co-teacher and enjoy a shared session on an interactive whiteboard! Co-teachers see all students’ progress and can add input to the same whiteboard. You can invite several teachers at a time!

invite co-teacher

Easy to use on any device

To participate in a session on, students don’t need an account. All they need to do is a code – and the tool works on any device with an internet connection!


Privacy is our top priority

We don’t collect any student data. The information they add to their whiteboards isn’t shared with third parties.