The K!rew is a team of lifelong learners who value curiosity, creativity, and play. We’re a vibrant and diverse bunch who are passionate about building something truly amazing, and have a lot of fun doing so. We work hard and celebrate our wins, tackle challenges with original ideas and learn something new every day. Join the K!rew on our mission to make learning awesome!


Open positions in Oslo and Austin



We are playful

Play is the first language we learn. It’s how we discover the world and understand our place in it. When we make learning fun, we make it engaging for everyone.

We are curious

Curiosity is part of human nature, and it lies at the heart of all great endeavors. It’s what turns learners into amazing leaders — and keeps those leaders learning.

We are bold

We applaud those who dare to take chances, regardless of the outcome. Every challenge brings new knowledge. We’re loud, colorful, and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

We are inclusive

We’re team players at Kahoot! and believe that no learner, or employee, should ever be left out. Kahoot! strives to ensure that everyone has the chance to succeed.

We are open and honest

We are truth-tellers at Kahoot! and believe that trust is the backbone of strong relationships. As such, we’re open and honest with each other and with our educators, learners, partners and investors alike.

We are focused

We focus on results and prioritize work that delivers the growth and impact needed to stay true to our vision and mission.

We are caring & responsible

As part of our mission, we recognize our responsibility for all our users and stakeholders. As a team, we support each other through the good and the hard times and do our best to help our peers fulfil the best of their potential.