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Create fun learning games for your class in minutes, or choose from millions of existing games to introduce a topic, review and reinforce knowledge, and run formative assessment. Get started for free or upgrade and Kahoot! like a pro!

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Teachers of awesome and classroom superheroes use Kahoot! to...

Introduce new topics

Assess prior knowledge, introduce new concepts or preview content.

Review content

Identify topics that need follow up and help students practice for their tests.

Teach a lesson

Combine quiz with other question types in one seamless and awesome lesson.

Reinforce knowledge

Recap on topics and replay kahoots to improve knowledge retention.

Break the ice and reward

Play a kahoot to kick off a class or use it as a fun way to wrap things up.

Run formative assessment

Use analytics from game reports to assess class learning progress.

Collect student opinions

Add poll questions to your kahoots to gather learners’ opinions or check their understanding of a topic.

Deliver self-paced learning

Assign Kahoot! challenges that students can play from anywhere, anytime on their own devices at their own pace.

Turn learners into leaders

Encourage students to create their own kahoots, individually or in groups, to deepen understanding and mastery.

Foster creativity & teamwork

Boost collaboration, teamwork and communication by playing kahoots in team mode.

Connect with classrooms globally

Host games with players from as close as your own school district to as far as a different continent.

Teach colleagues in PD sessions

Liven up your PD presentations and engage other educators by adding a kahoot to the mix!

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How Kahoot! works


Creating a game of Kahoot! takes minutes! Combine quiz questions with polls, puzzles and slides in one kahoot, or use our question bank.

Host and play

When you host a kahoot live, questions are displayed on a big screen, and players answer on their devices. Or, you can send student-paced challenges via our app.


Share kahoots directly with other users, or co-create and share kahoots with other teachers from your school, to create your own game bank!

Looking for more? Take a deeper dive into how to create, play and share games.

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