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Discover what’s new:

AI-enhanced Kahoot! creator: Generate questions with AI to save time and simplify lesson planning.

Turn PDFs into kahoots instantly and save time on lesson planning with our AI question generator.

New gamified learning experiences: Maximize engagement with new game modes, customizable characters, themes, and class rewards.

New question type: Reinforce learning by getting students to pinpoint answers on images with our new question type, pin answer!

Expanded student passes: Give your students access to the Kahoot! creator and advanced study modes for student-led learning experiences.

Awards and recognition for our commitment to making learning awesome!

Kahoot! has been proudly backed by independent research and renowned certifications, demonstrating that using Kahoot! significantly enhances students’ learning outcomes and boosts engagement in any classroom. Discover the standards that Kahoot! aligns with.

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Engage students in learning through gamification

Turn your lessons into interactive experiences that motivate students to actively participate in learning. Incorporate challenges, rewards, and competition in your existing lesson content through a variety of question types and game modes to boost your students’ focus and enthusiasm for learning.

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Review lesson content

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Reinforce learning

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Increase focus and motivation

Get immediate feedback for formative assessment

Tailor your teaching to the needs of each class and every student. With an understanding of each students performance after every question, you can make adjustments to your lesson in real-time to review any difficult topics. Read the full report after class to get an overview of each individual students progress.

Use Kahoot! for formative assessment to:

  • Introduce new topics
  • Boost learning outcomes
  • Personalize learning

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We have a lot of students who create their own kahoots as a review after a unit or even to study for an exam that’s coming up. So it’s great that it’s not just a teacher-led platform but it can be a student-led platform as well.

Ines Manno
English Language Learner Teacher

Put your students at the centre of their learning experience

Give your students the tools to create their own learning experiences. Through student choice, autonomy, and collaboration, your students can create, present, and study lesson content on topics of interest in their own words and at their own pace.

Empower students to create with Kahoot! for:

  • In-class knowledge sharing
  • Lesson review and test prep
  • Collaborative learning

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Supplement curriculum with premium ready-made content

Discover learning content for any subject and grade level created by teachers all around the world and publishers like Disney, National Geographic, Time for Kids, Britannica, and Macmillan Education. Ready to use right away or editable to be made into your own kahoot!

Join Kahoot! Academy to:

  • Get access to premium ready-made content
  • Become a verified educator
  • Sell your learning content

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