Kahoot! for schools

Make learning awesome together!

Kahoot! for schools is our new offering built around collaboration and saving time for teachers and school admins. Put your creative minds together with other educators, increase productivity, and make learning awesome as a team!

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New offering for teachers and school admins

Kahoot! for schools: teacher collaboration

Making learning awesome gets even better together! Kahoot! for schools brings teachers together to collaborate on learning games and share data. You can co-create and edit kahoots together with other teachers from your department or school in a private team space. These collaboration features will save you time on creating and finding relevant learning games in your school’s kahoot bank that current and future teachers can access.

Kahoot! Pro for schools characters.

Advanced time-saving tools

Kahoot! for schools also includes advanced tools that will save you and your colleagues time creating high quality learning games. Choose from millions of royalty-free images for your kahoots from our built-in image library. In our tests, it helped to create kahoots 3 times faster on average, compared to uploading them manually.

Last but not least, Kahoot! for schools includes detailed, visual reports that will support formative assessment and help you improve student learning outcomes. Just like kahoots, reports can also be shared between educators and school admins.

Our promise: Kahoot! is free for K-12 teachers

It’s our commitment to keep Kahoot! free for K-12 teachers. Kahoot! for schools is an optional upgrade. As a K-12 teacher, you can use Kahoot! for free – and so can your students. We’ll continue improving Kahoot! as part of our mission to make learning awesome.

Kahoot! Pro for schools is free for teachers

Teachers testing Kahoot! for schools

What superpowers does Kahoot! for schools unlock?


Co-create, edit, organize and share learning games together with other teachers in your school’s private team space.

Saving time

Your team space serves as a shared kahoot bank that current and future teachers can access, saving precious time on finding relevant learning games.

Advanced game creation tools

Save time creating high quality kahoots and increase student engagement by using our built-in image library with millions of images. In our tests, using the image library helped to create kahoots 3 times faster on average.

Advanced reporting

Track student progress, step up formative assessment and improve learning outcomes with advanced reports that can be shared between educators and admins.

Engage admins

Invite school admins to your team to share kahoots and reports with them.

Customization with school logo

Boost school spirit and student engagement by having your school’s logo or mascot in all kahoots.

More coming soon!

Just to tease you: we soon plan to add team folders to Kahoot! for schools, as well as introduce advanced certification for professional development. Stay tuned!

Sneak peek into advanced features

Have a look at the team space, advanced reports, built-in image library and customized game lobby

Get started with Kahoot! for schools


We know that budgets are a challenge for many, so we’ve made the price for Kahoot! for schools as inclusive and affordable as possible. We’re offering Kahoot! for schools from $1 a teacher per month for K-12 schools, billed annually, and from $5 a teacher per month for higher education.

This affordable price is subsidized by thousands of businesses using Kahoot!

We recommend to invite more teachers to your team to get the most of the collaboration superpowers in Kahoot! for schools. For teams of 20+ teachers, Kahoot! for schools includes support of a customer success coach.

Next steps

You can start with Kahoot! for schools on your own and invite or join other teachers later, or you can get on board together with your team right away. You can also continue using the free version as a K-12 teacher and upgrade to Kahoot! for schools anytime in the future. The choice is yours!

Let’s make learning awesome together!