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About us

Kahoot! is a global learning and engagement platform company that wants to empower everyone, including children, students, and employees, to unlock their full learning potential.

The Kahoot! platform makes it easy for any individual or corporation to create, share, and host learning sessions that drive compelling engagement and boost learning outcomes. Kahoot! sessions can be hosted anywhere, in person or virtually, using any device with an internet connection.

Our users

Kahoot! offers free and paid plans designed for use at school, at work—whether in-person or virtual— or at home for social use or self-study,  with more than 10 billion participants (non-unique) in more than 200 countries and regions since our launch.  

Kahoot! is trusted by over 8 million educators worldwide, spanning from K-12 to higher education, to facilitate dynamic and effective learning experiences. With hundreds of millions of students actively participating, both in classrooms and through self-directed study, Kahoot! ensures engaging and impactful learning sessions across diverse educational settings. 

Kahoot! is also the choice in 97% of Fortune 500 companies to engage, empower, and energize their workforce. Our Kahoot! 360 Engage app is the preferred solution for both self-paced and instructor-led training, particularly tailored to meet the unique needs of non-desk workers. 

On our platform, users can discover millions of engaging kahoots that bring learning to life, and get access to a comprehensive library of premium ready-made games and resources. Learning content creators and brands can also share and offer their high-quality learning content for sale, directly on the Kahoot! platforms and apps, with Kahoot! marketplace.

The Kahoot! Group

The Kahoot! Group also includes Clever, the platform powering digital learning for schools globally. Clever securely connects the data and applications that schools rely on to make digital learning work better, for everyone.

In addition, our award-winning learning apps for families, including the Kahoot! math apps by DragonBox and Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio,  take math learning to a new level and empower children to learn to read through play. Learners of all ages can make language learning natural with immersive visuals and play through our Language Drops apps, and educators worldwide can access powerful learning tools with our digital whiteboard. Organizations can also connect and engage their work teams with Kahoot!’s holistic solutions, including Actimo and Motimate, our employee engagement and learning platforms. 

Our offices

As a truly global enterprise, our nearly 600 staff members—the K!rew— are dispersed across the globe, contributing their talents from various locations. While our headquarters reside in Oslo, Norway, we also maintain offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Spain, and Poland.

Our owners

Since January 2024, The Kahoot! Group is owned by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, General Atlantic, KIRKBI and the Kahoot! team. 


Make learning awesome!

To make learning awesome! At Kahoot!, we are all about lifelong learning. In life, we learn new skills through curiosity and play. By combining the two, in a fun and social way, we can unlock the learning potential within all of us, no matter the subject, age or ability.

Unleashing this potential within every learner is what drives us, which is why we are on a mission to make learning awesome. We do this by creating engaging and impactful experiences for our users, and through our vision of building the leading learning platform in the world.


Kahoot! was founded in 2012 by Morten Versvik, Johan Brand, and Jamie Brooker.

Kahoot! was founded in 2012 by Morten Versvik, Johan Brand, and Jamie Brooker who, in a joint project with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), teamed up with Professor Alf Inge Wang, and were later joined by entrepreneur Åsmund Furuseth. The technology is based on research conducted by Kahoot! co-founder Morten Versvik, a student of Professor Wang’s at the time, for his Master’s degree at NTNU. 

In 2013, Kahoot! was opened to the public, and it’s been quite a ride ever since!



We are playful

Play is the first language we learn. It’s how we discover the world and understand our place in it. When we make learning fun, we make it engaging for everyone.


We are curious

Curiosity is part of human nature, and it lies at the heart of all great endeavors. It’s what turns learners into amazing leaders — and keeps those leaders learning.


We are inclusive

We’re team players at Kahoot! and believe that no learner, or employee, should ever be left out. Kahoot! strives to ensure that everyone has the chance to succeed.


We’re a vibrant, diverse, hard-working bunch who are passionate about building something truly amazing, and have a lot of fun doing so! We are an international team of nearly 600 people, fortunate to be located in some of the most exciting tech hubs in the world.

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Key numbers


10B+ participants since launch

Kahoot! has hosted over 10 billion participants (non-unique) in hundreds of millions of learning sessions since we launched in 2013. 


200+ countries and regions

Since its launch, Kahoot! has been played in all countries in the world. That’s global learning unleashed!


97% of top universities

Kahoot! is used in many institutions of higher education around the world, including 97% of the global top 500 universities.


97% of Fortune 500

companies are playing Kahoot! for training, presentations, onboarding, events and more.


8M+ teachers

hosted a kahoot in the last 12 months.


Half of US teachers and students

hosted or played a kahoot in the last year.