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Safety center

Our community is home to millions of users across the world who come to Kahoot! to learn and have fun in a safe and welcoming environment. In our safety center, we detail how we tackle content and behavior that violates our community guidelines. We also highlight kahoots that are designed to educate young children and teenagers on a number of social and emotional topics, including bullying and digital well-being.

Keeping Kahoot! a safe and welcoming learning platform


Inappropriate content

We take a strong stance against inappropriate content of any kind. Learn what’s unacceptable and how our community can flag any offensive content they find.

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Child safety online

Ensuring the online safety of children is a responsibility we take incredibly seriously. Find out how we protect minors throughout their Kahoot! experience.

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We have zero tolerance for bullying. Discover the steps we take to prevent it, and learn how students and teachers can take action.

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Suicide and self-harm prevention

There is always help. If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, please read our support page, which contains links to helplines.

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