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Learning made fun, easy, and rewarding for everyone

The future of corporate training is here – and it’s awesome! Motimate is the learning platform (LMS) you need for creating and sharing knowledge across your organization. It’s designed for anyone looking to train, engage, learn, communicate, and build team spirit.


Why Motimate is right for your organization

On-site. On the go. At your desk. No matter your organization’s setup, Motimate is tailored for your workplace. You can easily reach your audience, whether that’s employees, members, customers, or a community with our mobile-first solution. Want to know more about super exciting use cases for your business? Book a demo today, and we’ll tell you more!

Get ready for the new hybrid workplace

Motimate right for your organization

 Make it fun and easy for your HR Manager to create and distribute content.

 Boost engagement with games, podcasts, videos, quizzes, and much more.

 Onboard, reskill, and upskill every employee – no matter their location.

 Track performance with insights and set up deadlines and reminders.

About Motimate

 Mobile-first Learning Management System

 Supports video, images, games, podcasts, and illustrations

 Create quizzes, perform tests, and track progress in reports

 Supports xAPI and integrates with the Master Data of your HR system

Be unboring. Create engaging content.

With Motimate’s corporate training platform, it is really easy to create vibrant, interactive content for the people in your organization. Motimate makes even the least interesting topics fun to engage with by including different types of learning content.

Have you ever thought about adding a podcast or mixing up your training with a presentation from TedTalk? What about creating an engaging quiz or a need-to-know test? What about setting up your very own cool mobile game or embedding a Kahoot! to the mix. It’s no problem with Motimate. And the nice part is that it is so fun and easy to create a Moti that everyone can do it!

Motimate - Create engaging content

Organizations love learning with Motimate

That’s why thousands of Motis are completed every single day! Motimate now has more than 140,000 learners across 35 countries. Check out what some of them are saying:

Read our customer stories here

Inclusive value
“Motimate has a low learning threshold which makes it incredibly inclusive and easy to use. When someone starts working with us, they are immediately invited to Motimate and get to know the company from the outset."
Tone Haugen-Flermoe, Communications and Marketing Manager at Staples Norway

About Motimate

Motimate is the result of more than 15 years of experience in helping some of Scandinavia’s largest companies make learning accessible and engaging. Working with industry leaders like Staples, 7-Eleven, DNB, Dressmann, REMA 1000, Telia, and many more, we learned our customer’s needs. We believe that’s why people love using Motimate. We have customers in more than 35 different countries around the world, and we support 16 different languages – and adding more languages almost every month!

Motimate - countries

Watch an unboring presentation about employee engagement

Watch this video with our co-founder and CPO Lars-Petter W. Kjos about why engagement is key to learning.

Try Motimate for yourself. We know you will love it ❤️

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