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Kahoot! is the global leader in gamifying learning in the workplace. From training to events, to internal presentations, Kahoot! makes an audience learn without even realizing it!

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How Kahoot! works


You can co-create and share kahoots with other trainers or presenters in your company, or even create your own game bank!

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Thousands of companies use Kahoot! for...

Training & development

Kahoot! helps trainers achieve better learning outcomes. Scores presented during a live game, and reports made available afterwards help provide targeted instruction for ongoing development.

Interactive presentations

Games are much more fun than presentations, so say goodbye to lecture-style slideshows! Kahoot! makes your content engaging, dynamic and social.

Compliance training

Kahoot!’s format makes heavy content stick, and is more interactive than traditional techniques for mandatory training. Our powerful features allow you to track player progress over time, and ensure content is fully mastered and retained over time.


Large group to engage? No problem! Kahoot! is perfect for energizing and exciting an audience, no matter how epic the scale!


In a live group setting, Kahoot! can break the ice and inject fun into any gathering. Office parties, after work trivia, selfie kahoots to introduce yourself to colleagues and more!

Get inspired by these success stories

Leo Silva, Facebook

People pay more attention – that is the dream of any trainer!

Facebook LATAM quickly established Kahoot! as a firm favorite for sales training.

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Greg McLaughlin, Getty

Kahoot! is built into our organizational culture.

Getty Images moved from slides and paper questionnaires to engaging, interactive presentations and training with Kahoot!

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Gerardo Díaz Santos, Scotiabank México

My trainees have a participation rate of 89% and average response accuracy of 79% thanks to Kahoot!

Scotiabank México, multinational bank, made Kahoot! Their go-to tool to train employees on company products and services.

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