Energize your team with Kahoot! 360

  • Deliver interactive training, meetings, presentations, and events
  • Seamlessly host kahoots via any video conferencing platform
  • Track progress, knowledge gaps, and participation in detailed reports
  • Build a culture where everyone feels valued, heard, and involved
  • Trusted by 97% of Fortune 500 companies


Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies

Engage employees, no matter where they work

The workplace is evolving quicker than ever before. So, how can you engage employees in the new world of work? That’s where Kahoot! at work comes in. Companies around the world use our platform to create interactive kahoots that energize employees to learn and in the flow of work, no matter where they’re located. Create a kahoot in minutes and deliver training sessions, presentations, meetings, and events via any video conference platform, including Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

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How companies use Kahoot!

Presentations and meetings

Create interactive presentations and meetings by importing slides and adding audience participation features like polls and brainstorms.

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Gamify your organization’s training and onboarding with Kahoot!’s versatile blended learning solutions, including Courses.

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Host an engaging event that everyone remembers! Maintain audience focus and energy, and deliver key points with audience participation features.

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Company culture

With the shift to remote work, building a strong company culture is more important than ever. Learn how Kahoot! connects remote teams through social learning.

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The Kahoot! experience

Create a kahoot in minutes and deliver training sessions, presentations, meetings, and events that energize groups of any size! Ensure key information sticks with our range of assessment question types and give everyone a voice with audience participation features. Present live – via video conferencing or in-person – to create a social learning environment, or assign self-paced challenges and courses for colleagues to play asynchronously in the flow of work. Identify the player behind the nickname, track progress and participation, and spot knowledge gaps with Kahoot! reports.

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