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Perfect for improving employee engagement in large teams and organizations.

Kahoot! 360 for Enterprises

Employee engagement and learning platform

  • Energize employees in meetings, presentations, and training sessions
  • Connect with every employee across your organization
  • Enjoy peace of mind with robust enterprise-grade security
  • Designed to involve and engage every employee in a hybrid workplace

Contact us to discuss Kahoot! 360 for Enterprise


Energize employees in meetings, presentations, and training sessions with Kahoot! 360 Pro

  • Create and deliver engaging training and internal events
  • Perfect for L&D, compliance, consulting, and people teams that deliver content
  • Track learning across multiple sessions
  • Simplify knowledge sharing and improve collaboration 
  • Enterprise pricing available for more than 100 licenses

Connect with every employee with Kahoot! 360 Spirit

  • Let every employee contribute to company culture by delivering kahoot sessions
  • Recognize employees’ contribution with ongoing company leaderboards
  • Give every employee a voice with pulse surveys
  • Let everyone access training resources and engage with company updates on the Kahoot! platform
  • Contact us to learn more about Kahoot! 360 Spirit and the upcoming launch of Kahoot! 360 Spirit Premium

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Enjoy peace of mind with robust enterprise-grade security

How we guarantee security, privacy, and control over your Kahoot! experience

  • Federated Identity Management (FIM) solution and single sign-on (SSO) to track learning activity (minimum 100 licenses)
  • Security practices including (but not limited to) security audits, risk assessments, server and application security
  • Aligns with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union privacy law
  • Secure user management in organizations of any size
  • Full control over visibility of your content and game analytics
  • SOC2 security compliant

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Profile picture of Gerardo Díaz Santos
"With Kahoot!, I can measure product knowledge. The engagement around Kahoot! is very exciting for our employees. Kahoot! is a very modern learning experience."
Gerardo Díaz Santos, Customer Experience Design at Scotiabank
"Kahoot! is built into our organizational culture."
Greg McLaughlin, Global Sales Operations at Getty Images

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