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Supercharge your sales team with awesome training

Sign up for our upcoming deep dive webinar on June 14 for Kahoot! best practices to equip your team with all the knowledge they need to drive sales and contribute to building excellent customer experiences.

NEW deep dive webinar hosted every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9:00 CDT / 16:00 CEST.

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Discover the basics of using Kahoot! at work

Join our next 101 webinar where our Customer Success experts will provide a general overview of how to create, host, and participate in kahoots, and how to navigate Kahoot! reports.

Hosted every 4th Wednesday of the month at 11:00 CDT / 18:00 CEST.


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WorkMeetup: Corporate Learning (Spring 2023) on demand

Delivering impactful corporate learning with Kahoot!
How to build engaging learning journeys with the latest updates to Kahoot! courses
The art of informed insights: remote learning with strategic follow up
Skills, ChatGPT, and hybrid learning – what does it all mean for L&D?
Learning in the flow of work with Kahoot!’s integration with Microsoft Viva Learning
Course correcting your L&D to enable awesome hybrid training
Gamification in remote training: boosting engagement, attendance, and certification

Deep dive webinars on demand

Boosting product knowledge with awesome employee training
How to make employee onboarding awesome with Kahoot!
How to host awesome team-building workshops with Kahoot!
How to deliver awesome employee training with Kahoot!

101 webinars on demand

Discover the basics of using Kahoot! at work | 101 webinar from March 2022
Discover the basics of using Kahoot! at work | 101 webinar from August 2022
Discover the basics of using Kahoot! at work | 101 webinar from November 2022

Kahoot! WorkMeetup Fall 2022

Discover awesome ways to engage employees for better results. Watch all sessions from Kahoot! WorkMeetup 2022, now available for free and on-demand.

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