Customer stories

Learn how companies around the world are using Kahoot! to reimagine e-learning, presentations, and events.

Use case

How Mexican retailer Coppel added Kahoot! tournaments to their training strategy to engage over 20,000 salespeople nationwide

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Virtual presentations and events in recruitment

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Corporate communication in banking

Systel used Kahoot! to improve knowledge retention within their virtual onboarding and sales training

Sales training in the technology industry

Kahoot! permet à la SNCF de concevoir une formation en compliance captivante à 4 000 employés

Formation obligatoire

How SNCF uses Kahoot! to deliver engaging compliance training to 4000 employees

Mandatory training in transportation

Insurance company combines auditory and visual learning with Kahoot!

Onboarding training in insurance

How 2park Technologies identify quality leads and improve internal strategy sessions with Kahoot!

Sales pitches and strategy sessions in the technology industry

How Teleflex makes virtual events more human and interactive with Kahoot!

Internal virtual events and interactive meetings

ROI Training uses Kahoot! to enhance the learner experience during hands-on intensive IT training workshops

Training and e-learning in the technology training industry

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Remote company culture and virtual event in finance

Advanced Turf Solutions used Kahoot! at a virtual event to set their sales teams for success

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