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Research and reports

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Superstar Presenter Spotlight

Dive into our 2024 Superstar Presenter Spotlight to learn more about challenges and opportunities for professionals when delivering presentations.

Learning on the frontline

Download our 2023 Workplace Culture Report to learn more about how to unlock frontline employee potential.

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Kahoot! 2023 Gen Z Workforce Study

Download this report to discover learning strategies to help Gen Z thrive in the workplace and improve their employee experience by developing their soft...

Kahoot! 2022 Workplace Culture Report

Download this report for unique insights from employees into the top challenges and opportunities for businesses to develop learning and engagement strategies that help...

Kahoot! 2021 Workplace Culture Report

Download this report for unique insight from both employees and HR leaders as to the top challenges and opportunities facing businesses as they develop...

Research articles

Research articles on Kahoot!

There’s a wealth of great research articles that demonstrate how Kahoot! promotes learning, interaction, and engagement. Here’s our curated list.

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