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Hybrid and remote work with Kahoot! 360

Energize hybrid and remote employees

Deliver high-quality training regardless of an employee’s location.
Host events and presentations for hybrid and remote audiences.
Give every participant a voice in hybrid and remote meetings.
Build relationships between office-based and remote-first staff.

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Learn how Kahoot! integrates with video conferencing tools!

Kahoot! 360 is uniquely positioned to help teams work remotely or transition to a hybrid workplace

Kahoot! 360 makes meetings, presentations, training sessions, and events engaging for ​​over 20 million professionals – no matter if they work from home or the office!

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, companies worldwide used our live in-person experience to transform workplace learning and culture. Since the pandemic, usage of the Kahoot! platform has skyrocketed as the global workforce went remote. Live kahoot sessions went virtual via video conferencing platforms, and our self-paced game mode became a real hit.

Now, as we enter the new world of work with hybrid and remote work setups becoming the new normal, Kahoot! 360 is helping companies ace employee engagement, training sessions, events, presentations, and meetings in hybrid or fully remote work setups. Whether you’re hosting live in-person or virtual sessions or assigning self-paced kahoots, we’ve got you covered.

Unlocking success in the hybrid workplace

The future of work is hybrid. Discover how your organization can deliver a fair and inclusive hybrid workplace that drives world-class performance.

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Unleashing employee potential in the workplace

Discover how your organization can transform virtual meetings, training and presentations to keep employees engaged in the modern workplace.

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Deliver high-quality training regardless of an employee’s location

Ensure all employees have access to the same high-quality level of training with Kahoot! 360. Host engaging live sessions for remote and hybrid staff, and test knowledge retention with our range of question types. Assign employees self-paced challenges and Kahoot! courses to complete at a time that suits them best.

Plus, employees can always find training content in your organization’s personalized dashboard. And, with our in-depth reports, you can track progress and identify knowledge gaps in no time.

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Host engaging events and presentations for hybrid and remote audiences

Involve and energize audiences no matter their location by delivering interactive presentations and events with Kahoot! 360. Our interactive presentation features ensure an active and engaged audience that feel empowered to join the conversation. Simply add content to Kahoot!’s range of presentation slides or import a slide deck from PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote – or upload a PDF file – and add audience participation features to keep every audience member switched on. With our PowerPoint integration, you can even add a kahoot to one of your slides in PowerPoint.

Lady in an office communicating with her team remotely

Give every participant a voice in hybrid and remote meetings

It’s easy to host meetings that engage and involve everyone with Kahoot! 360’s interactive features. Whether colleagues log in from their home office or attend in person, Kahoot! 360 levels the playing field to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to share their opinions. Just add polls, word clouds, open-ended questions, and brainstorms to your kahoot, and see how easy it is to kick-start conversations and give everyone a voice in hybrid meetings.

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Build relationships between office-based and remote-first staff

Kahoot! is the go-to tool for companies around the world that want to strengthen team spirit among hybrid and remote teams. Helping colleagues connect is more important than ever, and Kahoot! 360 brings people together in a fun and relaxed environment. Through friendly competitive sessions that make knowledge stick, Kahoot! 360 helps colleagues connect and share moments – just like they would if they were in the same room.


Recommended plans for remote and hybrid work

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Kahoot! 360 Presenter for Teams
$29 $19 per member
per month
$348 $226.20 billed annually
Min. 3 licenses
This plan is best for
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Shared workspace
  • Save 20% compared to Kahoot! 360 Presenter for individuals
Most popular - Enhanced with AI
Kahoot! 360 Pro for Teams
$39 per member
per month
$468 billed annually
Min. 3 licenses
  • Up to 2,000 participants
  • All our premium creation tools, enhanced with AI
  • Display your company logo during the learning experience
  • Workspace for team collaboration
  • Save 40% compared to Kahoot! 360 Pro for individuals
Now enhanced with AI
Kahoot! 360 Spirit
$20 per member
per month
$240 billed annually
Min. 25 licenses
  • Up to 100 participants
  • All our premium creation tools, enhanced with AI
  • Create branded learning experiences
  • Workspace with enhanced content security
All prices exclude VAT

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The path to energizing remote employees starts here!

Deliver engaging interactive presentations and meetings
A male and female presenter standing in front of a screen showing a kahoot brainstorm
Interactive presentations

Import a slide deck and/or create slides in the Kahoot! platform. Mix in quizzes and polls for an engaging, interactive session.

Illustration of Kahoot! brainstorm cards

Spark discussions and surface great feedback. Collect, sort, discuss and vote on ideas!


Generate excitement around the key statistic in your presentation which you want the audience to remember.

Packed with collaboration features

Create content together with the ability to edit any kahoot in the library. Workspaces include roles and permissions for access control and the ability to lock a kahoot to prevent further editing.

Question bank

Save time by reusing questions from other team members kahoots. All safe and secure within your workspace!

Business features - Combined reports
Shared reports

Enjoy full visiblity with access to the reports of all sessions hosted by other workspace members.

The complete branded Kahoot! experience
Kahoot! Themes
Custom themes

Deliver a branded presentation or learning experience. Custom themes allow you to insert your own logo and background images.

Assign self-paced training courses with certificates

Build structured training courses by linking a series of kahoots or stories into a single learning experience that participants can complete in their own time and get a course certificate upon completion.

Enhanced information security

Prevent your organization’s content from being shared outside of your workspace or being made public.