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How Kahoot! works

The Kahoot! experience

Create a kahoot in minutes and boost engagement in training, events, presentations and meetings. Learn how to use kahoot at work.


Create in minutes

Start from scratch or use a pre-designed template. Choose from various question types and add images and videos to boost engagement.

How it works - create kahoots in minutes

Present live, remotely or in-person

Present a live kahoot in-person on a shared screen or remotely via video conference. Participants answer questions on their own device. Questions appear on the shared screen or, optionally, on both the shared screen and the participants’ devices.

  • Boost engagement by gamifying any topic
  • Create an interactive, social learning environment
  • Present kahoots on any video conference platform
  • Play a live demo

Learn how Kahoot! integrates with MS Teams and can be used with other video conferencing tools!

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Assign self-paced challenges

Participants complete self-paced challenges asynchronously anywhere, anytime – on desktop or mobile. Questions and answers appear on the learner’s device.

  • Reinforce learnings from live training sessions
  • Engage an audience before and after an event
  • Keep remote workers up to date with training
  • Share with colleagues within Microsoft Teams
  • Link several kahoots and assign self-paced courses

Play a self-paced demo!

Compete in teams

With team mode in Kahoot! 360, individual players join and play as a part of a multi-player team, rather than as individual participants.

  • Designed to boost collaboration and cooperation
  • Perfect for in the office, remote and hybrid learning
  • Use in all-hands meetings or team building activities
  • Build team spirit and get friendly competition going
  • Work together, succeed together, as a team!
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View kahoot reports

Identify the player behind the nickname, track progress, spot knowledge gaps, and get actionable insights with Kahoot!’s powerful reports.

  • Get real-time feedback that sparks discussions
  • Ensure participants understood key topics
  • Use data to shape learning pathways
  • Improve future sessions based on feedback
  • Track participation and completion rates

Collaborate with colleagues

Ensure knowledge flows seamlessly through your team or organization by collaborating in a team space and groups.

  • Review content in a private team space
  • Keep content private or make it public
  • Reuse kahoots and questions from colleagues
  • Create groups of learners and assign training
  • Download and share reports with stakeholders

What customization options are available with 360 Pro Max?

360 Pro Max allows you customize the look and feel of the Kahoot! experience. You can define your own brand colors and create multiple custom backgrounds which appears throughout Kahoot! sessions.

How many licenses do I need?

You need one license per Presenter. A Presenter is someone who will create and present kahoot sessions to colleagues, or will assign self paced kahoots. Teams with more than one presenter need one license for each presenter and should purchase a Team plan.

People that just play a kahoot (ie, joining the game via the PIN code) don’t require a Kahoot! account or license.

Do I have to pay for participants in a kahoot session?

No, participants don’t need an account or a business license to join kahoot sessions.

How many participants can join a kahoot session?

This varies by plan. The maximum possible is 2,000 simultaneous participants in one session which is possible with Kahoot! 360 Pro and Kahoot! 360 Pro Max.

What is the difference between an individual and team plan?

With an Individual plan, one person creates and hosts kahoots. It’s perfect for individual trainers, consultants, or team leads who want to boost engagement in presentations, meetings, and training sessions.

With a Team plan, multiple people can work together to co-create, present kahoots and view session reports all from a shared workspace. A Team plan is designed for learning & development, compliance, consulting, and people teams that deliver content. Team plans with three or more licenses are discounted compared to individual plans.

Can I share a login with a colleague?

No, as per our Terms and Conditions each license of Kahoot! is limited to one user and each license holder is responsible for preventing access to their account by anyone else. Sharing an account will impact the user experience and you may be prevented from accessing the platform at any time.

Instead, you should purchase a Team plan.

Can I use Kahoot! in languages other than English?

Yes! You can write questions and answers in any language to create a native language experience for participants. You can also play, create and host kahoots, view reports, and more in Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Arabic, Ukrainian, Korean, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Can I sign up for free?

Yes! You can always start for free. With a free account, you can now test drive Kahoot! 360 Pro, and upgrade at any time. No credit card needed. Our demo plan lets you try creating a kahoot with our advanced features from Kahoot! 360 Pro – our most popular plan for training, presentations, and events of all sizes!

Explore our library of advanced features, such as brainstorms, polls, and quiz questions, or have a go at creating a course to test out for 3 participants. You can also present selected ready-made kahoots from our business collection for up to 50 participants.

Once you’ve created your premium kahoots, you can upgrade at any time to Kahoot! 360 Pro to host your kahoots for up to 2000 participants, or switch to any paid plan to get the full Kahoot! experience. Get started.

Do you offer any discounts for nonprofits or NGOs?

Yes! Registered nonprofits and NGOs can sign get a 50% discount. For more information, visit our nonprofit page.

I need Kahoot! for just one event. Is there a separate pricing plan for that?

Yes! See our offering for one-off events here.

How do all the features work?

Check out our YouTube playlist with a series of video tutorials that will show you how you get the most out of Kahoot!, including how to brand your kahoots, assign challenges, facilitate brainstorms, and more!

You can find more information on our Resources page.

What is an interactive presentation?

You can import existing slides or create new ones in Kahoot! and then add interactive questions and polls to create engaging presentations that everyone remembers. We call these interactive presentations. Our slide importer supports .ppt (PowerPoint), PDF (you can export Google Slides as PDFs), and .key (Keynote) formats. Read more about creating interactive presentations with Kahoot!.

Can I use Kahoot! to survey the audience?

Yes, you can gather participants’ feedback, opinions, and ideas in real-time with polls, word clouds, open-ended questions, and brainstorm.

What is player identifier?

Player identifier allows trainers and admins to identify individual participants when they join a new kahoot session, so you know exactly who it is beyond the anonymous on-screen nickname. When joining a new session, participants are required to enter their email address, which is then used for learner tracking and reporting . When joining via our mobile app, the email address is saved after the first time they enter it so they won’t have to enter it again when joining your kahoots in the future.

What is a Kahoot! Tournament?

A tournament is a great way to build engagement across a series of kahoot sessions. In the Reports section, you can create a tournament leaderboard by combining scores from multiple kahoots into one report which you can share with participants. You can only combine reports from kahoots that had the “player identifier” feature on, as player identifiers are necessary to collate data.