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Employee engagement in a hybrid workplace!

Improve organization-wide communication to make employees feel heard and valued by providing employees with engaging professional development opportunities.
Build a culture that connects people with social learning experiences, give everyone a voice and gather feedback with employee pulse surveys.


Why employee engagement is so important in a hybrid workplace

employee engagement programs

Employee engagement drives business performance

The more engaged employees are, the better they perform. Gain a competitive advantage by using a comprehensive platform that engages all employees.

employee engagement programs

Employees want to work remotely more often

Nearly half of employees surveyed in Envoy’s Return to the Workplace Report are likely to leave their jobs if their employers don’t offer a hybrid workplace model.


Remote work creates employee engagement challenges

Keeping dispersed teams connected and engaged in a digital-first workplace is essential to maintaining a happy workforce.

Improve organization-wide communication

The more involved employees feel, the more engaged they are with your company’s mission. Transform department and all-hands meetings into two-way conversations with audience participation features that actively involve employees, helping them to absorb key updates during in-person and virtual gatherings.


Encourage professional development

Ensure employees gain relevant knowledge at a time that suits their schedule with flexible training material. Professional development is a huge driver of employee engagement – but corporate learning has to evolve to match the needs of the hybrid workforce. The key is flexibility: Provide staff with engaging training content that can be completed anywhere, anytime – on desktop or mobile with our employee engagement programs.

employee engagement programs

Build a culture that connects people

Turn individuals into a team by creating social learning experiences across your organization. Help new hires feel welcome as soon as they join with onboarding programs that bring people and knowledge together. Encourage the hosting of interactive sessions during the workday to ensure dispersed teams stay connected.

Group of energized employees

Give every employee a voice

Surveys help employees feel valued and heard while also strengthening their connection with colleagues and the company’s mission. Gather opinions and feedback across your organization and create continuous two-way engagement with employee pulse solutions, including polls and word clouds.


Connect your entire enterprise with Kahoot! 360 Spirit

Kahoot! 360 Spirit is our complete solution for enterprises looking for employee engagement programs. It enables enterprises to connect with every employee continuously – no matter their location – via an all-in-one engagement platform. Assign training content and send out employee pulse surveys for employees to complete in their own personalized workplace.

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Kahoot! 360 for enterprise - Spirit

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employee engagement programs

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employee engagement programs

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