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Kahoot! 360 for company culture

Strengthen company culture

  • Engage employees with social learning and team building experiences
  • Bring teams and knowledge together on the Kahoot! 360 platform
  • Improve employee engagement across your organization with survey tools
  • Help employees feel connected; no matter where they are located
  • Make every meeting, presentation, and training session interactive and fun

Connect with colleagues, no matter their location

Host kahoots via any video conferencing platform so teams can share ideas and knowledge even when they can’t meet in person. Simply share your screen, and participants join in seconds. Use our integrations with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Hopin for an even smoother user experience. 

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Build team spirit

Use Kahoot! as an icebreaker to build motivation and facilitate a strong group learning dynamic. From team building to company gatherings, Kahoot! 360 makes every learning experience social, engaging, and memorable.

Extend engagement with tournaments

Create department or company-wide tournaments to maximize engagement. Host several live kahoots or assign self-paced challenges and combine the scores to create a final leaderboard. It’s a great way to engage employees over a period of time.

Make new hires feel welcome

Set up effective and structured onboarding programs for new employees! Host live kahoots, assign self-paced courses, and track progress in reports to ensure new hires get up to speed. Read more about onboarding with Kahoot!.

Improve employee engagement 

Gather better feedback across your organization with polling and survey features. Send out self-paced challenges with polls, word clouds, and open-ended questions and discover opinions on any topic in no time.   

Seamlessly share knowledge

Create learning content collaboratively, and give employees access to relevant team and company resources in a private team space. Streamline knowledge sharing with groups, and save time when creating kahoots by reusing existing content in a shared question bank! Read more about groups

Kahoot! 360 offers the following benefits to strengthen company culture:

  • Make employee onboarding stress-free by using Kahoot! to improve retention of key company policies and processes.
  • Mandatory legal, security, and health and safety training can be dry, so make a statement about your company culture by using Kahoot!.
  • Combine scores from multiple kahoots to create a tournament that maximizes engagement.
  • Assign challenges directly to new hires’ email addresses.
  • Create and assign onboarding courses to new hires
"You can bring out a good sense of your organizational culture while playing kahoots."
Emily Zachariasen, National Sales Training Manager, Guild Mortgage
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"Kahoot! is built into our organizational culture."
Greg McLaughlin, VP of Global Sales Operations, Getty Images

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Our available plans

Kahoot! 360 Pro Max
Add your own branding
$79 per host
per month
$948 billed annually

The ultimate customizable training and event plan

  • Up to 2000 participants per session
  • Everything in Kahoot! 360 Pro
  • Customize kahoots with your own backgrounds and colours
  • Brand your kahoots with your company logo
Kahoot! 360 Pro
for Teams
Save 34% per license with team plan
$39 per host
per month
$468 billed annually

Work as a team on engaging content for training and large-scale events:

  • Up to 2000 participants per session
  • Everything in Kahoot! 360 Presenter
  • Assign training courses
  • Identify participants and track progress
  • Compete and collaborate in teams

Minimum 2 licenses

Kahoot! 360 Spirit
Employee engagement platform
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Connecting everyone in your organization

  • Give employees access to our learning platform
  • Deliver engaging “two way” internal communications
  • Gamify employee engagement with company leaderboards
  • Build company culture with new team building experiences

Learn more about Kahoot! 360 Spirit, the complete solution for team spirit and company culture, corporate learning, and audience engagement. Learn more.

How to get started with Kahoot!

How to host kahoots live over video conference in meetings and virtual events
How to use different question types
How to host a company-wide Kahoot! tournament