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Kahoot! at work for onboarding

Get new hires up to speed

Make new hires feel at home with Kahoot! 360 and introduce products, processes, and people in a fun and engaging way by breaking down complex topics into bite-size kahoots that new hires can easily understand. Test knowledge retention in real-time with a range of question types or assign self-paced courses and challenges for new employees to play asynchronously, on desktop or mobile.


Keep everyone engaged with interactive presentations

Ensure everyone stays energized and focused during in-person and virtual onboarding sessions with interactive presentations. Import slides or add key information to 10 Kahoot! slide layouts and test knowledge retention with assessment question types. Spark discussions and get everyone involved with polling and discussion question types, including polls, word clouds, and brainstorms.

employee onboarding software

Learn in the flow of onboarding with Courses

Create an onboarding course in seconds by linking a series of kahoots and documents and assigning it to new hires to complete asynchronously, at any time during their onboarding program or deliver some parts of the Course live during their first few days. Asynchronous sessions can reinforce knowledge from live sessions or introduce upcoming topics in the onboarding program.

employee onboarding software

Reinforce knowledge with self-paced challenges

As well as courses, you can assign stand-alone self-paced challenges for learners to complete. After a live kahoot or course, check the report and identify knowledge gaps. Then, create a kahoot that addresses specific knowledge gaps and assign it for learners to complete anywhere, anytime.

employee onboarding software

Get to know new hires with selfie kahoots

Kahoot! isn’t just a great tool for helping new hires learn about the company. It’s also a fantastic way to get to know your new colleagues! Encourage new hires to create selfie kahoots (a short kahoot about themselves) and ask them to present it to their team or organization.

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Connect remotely via video conference

Kahoot! makes it easier to connect with and onboard remote workers. Kahoot! is compatible with every video conference platform. Just share your screen, and participants can play from their own device. Read more about our integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

employee onboarding software

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Key features of Kahoot!'s employee onboarding software

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Live kahoots

Host live kahoots, either in-person or via any video conference platform.

Self-paced courses

Create and assign self-paced courses for new hires to complete anywhere, any time.

Polling and discussion

Spark discussions with polling and discussion question types such as polls, word clouds, brainstorm, and open-ended questions.

Assessment question types

Test knowledge retention with assessment question types, including puzzles, multi-select, and type answer.

Recommended plans

Kahoot! 360 Pro Max
$79 per host
per month
$948 billed annually
Up to 2000 participants per session
  • Review and reinforce content with all our assessment question types
  • Gather input from large audiences with all question types, open-ended included
  • Transform your slides into impactful, interactive presentations faster with AI
  • Create and deliver engaging training courses faster with AI
  • Create custom branded experiences
Kahoot! 360 Pro for Teams
$39 per member
per month
$468 billed annually
Min. 3 licenses
  • Up to 2,000 participants
  • All our premium creation tools, enhanced with AI
  • Display your company logo during the learning experience
  • Workspace for team collaboration
  • Save 40% compared to Kahoot! 360 Pro for individuals
Kahoot! 360 Spirit
$20 per member
per month
$240 billed annually
Min. 25 licenses
  • Up to 100 participants
  • All our premium creation tools, enhanced with AI
  • Create branded learning experiences
  • Workspace with enhanced content security
All prices include VAT

The path to engaging onboarding starts here!

The complete, branded Kahoot! experience
Kahoot! Themes
Custom themes

Deliver a branded presentation or learning experience. Custom themes allow you to insert your own logo and background images.

Embeddable kahoots

Embed self-paced sessions into your intranet, Learning Management System or other webpages for an internal audience.

Complete toolkit to create courses—faster

Save time on content creation and editing with this option to reuse or repurpose existing material from a PDF with AI.

Packed with collaboration features

Create content together with the ability to edit any kahoot in the library. Workspaces include roles and permissions for access control and the ability to lock a kahoot to prevent further editing.

Question bank

Save time by reusing questions from other team members kahoots. All safe and secure within your workspace!

Business features - Combined reports
Shared reports

Enjoy full visiblity with access to the reports of all sessions hosted by other workspace members.

The complete branded Kahoot! experience
Kahoot! Themes
Custom themes

Deliver a branded presentation or learning experience. Custom themes allow you to insert your own logo and background images.

Assign self-paced training courses with certificates

Build structured training courses by linking a series of kahoots or stories into a single learning experience that participants can complete in their own time and get a course certificate upon completion.

Enhanced information security

Prevent your organization’s content from being shared outside of your workspace or being made public.