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Communicate strategic initiatives enterprise-wide, keep in regular contact with non-desk workers and track communication effectiveness with in-depth analytics.’

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Communicate strategy enterprise-wide with Kahoot! 360 Spirit

How do you engage an entire organization with complex topics? For example, how can you effectively communicate company values, strategy, social responsibility or how your company will adapt to a hybrid workplace? That’s where Kahoot! 360 Spirit’s communication solution “Wave” , our employee organizational communication app, comes in.

A Kahoot! wave turns one-way communication initiatives into an enterprise-wide conversation. It provides an engaging way for employees to participate actively and gives executives, communications teams, and people managers visibility into the reach and understanding of each communications initiative. Here’s how a Kahoot! wave works:


Step 1: The build-up

  • A central communications team creates kahoots for managers to host
  • The communications team briefs managers on the aims of the wave
  • The company-wide competition is announced to the organization
  • Managers access the kahoots in a shared team space
  • Employees can access contextual information

Step 2: The crest

  • Managers host a live kahoot session with their team or department to communicate updates and spark conversations
  • Alternatively, a communications team holds a series of live sessions with several departments or an entire office
  • Employees who can’t attend the live session are assigned the kahoots as self-paced challenges
  • Company-wide leaderboards to recognize individuals, teams, and regions with the highest scores in a Kahoot! wave

Step 3: The follow-up

  • Managers and communications teams view wave reports to measure understanding and drive behavioral change
  • Reports include opinions and ideas from brainstorms and open-feedback questions
  • Communications teams devise an action plan to address organization-wide knowledge gaps and embed key action points

Communicate company updates in an engaging way

Move over, intranet. Traditional organizational communication channels and their low levels of engagement are no match for a Kahoot! wave. Whether you’re communicating monthly updates or new corporate strategies, with Kahoot! 360 Spirit, you can reach every employee – regardless of their location – with game-based content that’s fun and easy to absorb.

Employee communication app

Ensure key updates stick with friendly competitions

It’s so very easy to forget the contents of an email or lengthy intranet post. With a Kahoot! wave, you can turn every corporate message into an engaging experience that people remember. Help managers spark discussions with brainstorms, encourage friendly competition with company-wide and team leaderboards, and boost knowledge retention with interactive question types.

Communication - friendly competition

Equip line managers with ready-to-use content

Give managers the support they need with premade kahoots. Communication teams create engaging kahoots – filled with presentation slides, questions, and brainstorms – for managers to host with their team or department. Managers can access the kahoots in a shared team space and host them with their team at a time that fits their schedule.

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Employee communication app

Keep in regular contact with non-desk workers with Actimo

Ace day-to-day communications with non-desk workers

Actimo has developed award-winning mobile-first solutions to help companies of any size engage non-desk workers every single day. Learn how our employee communication app Actimo can help you transform day-to-day communications with non-desk workers.

Employee communication app

Get messages out quickly

Write a message. Send it. Done. As soon as you send a message on Actimo, your non-desk workers read it immediately on their mobile devices. It’s a convenient, time-saving way to share relevant news that keeps frontline and non-desk employees – no matter their location – in the loop.

Employee communication app

Give every employee a voice

Encourage employees to join company conversations by creating simple surveys where everyone can share detailed feedback. You can also go beyond survey feedback by enabling employees to engage with and comment on any company updates posted to the app.

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Communications - every employee voice

Track communication effectiveness with in-depth analytics

It’s hard to know if employees have read and understood important information with traditional communication channels. With Kahoot! and Actimo, you can view reports for every communication initiative, so it’s easy to identify, highlight, and address any knowledge gaps. Plus, you can view the output of brainstorms and open-ended questions to really understand the mood of employees.

Communication - track effectiveness

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