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Kahoot! 360 Spirit

Build an energized workplace, together.

  • Engage, empower, and energize every employee.
  • Transform communication at your organization.
  • Deliver an awesome experience for both learners and trainers.

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Engage, empower and energize every employee

Kahoot! 360 Spirit is even more involving and motivating. You are able to customize your Kahoot! experience using your own logo and branding. You and your team can also enjoy all the features that make Kahoot! the best team builder. Where every employee can create and present kahoots, working together and learning together. Everybody is fully engaged and everybody fully informed.

Group of energized employees

Transform communication at your organization

Give your employees a voice with Kahoot! 360 Spirit. Company meetings become two-way engagement sessions where everybody can participate. That’s the best way to ensure that employees not only hear important information but also absorb it too. Reinforce team spirit and friendly competition as your employees can join forces to collaborate and compete against other teams.

Lady in an office communicating with her team remotely

Deliver an awesome experience for both learners and trainers

Introducing training that employees will want to complete! With Kahoot! courses, you can easily deliver in-depth engaging training to learners anywhere, while also tracking knowledge retention. Bring any topic to life with multiple live kahoots, fully async content formats like self-paced kahoots, PDFs, videos, and stories, OR build a blended learning experience– all in one Kahoot! course.

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Create the most engaging online courses with story

Discover how you can easily design training content that engages employees and makes knowledge stick with innovations to Kahoot! courses.

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Kahoot! 360 Spirit enables employees to…

 Share knowledge in an engaging way by creating and hosting kahoots in meetings, to energize, connect and share knowledge with colleagues.

 Discover new team building experiences in a hybrid world and bring more fun into operations.

 Provide feedback to their company by voicing their opinion.

 Access company-wide training content at any time. Find readymade kahoots to host with colleagues.

 View team and company-wide leaderboards for a little “friendly” competition.

Kahoot! 360 Spirit empowers HR departments, L&D teams and team leads to…

 Boost employees’ motivation by providing a customized and engaging experience to all your employees.

 Unlock engagement opportunities by empowering each employee to create kahoots.

 Create and assign engaging training and onboarding courses.

 Keep track of course progress in detailed reports and easily send reminders to boost completion rates.

 Onboard employees to the platform seamlessly, using federated single sign-on (SSO).

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