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Kahoot! 360 solutions

Flexible solutions for the modern workplace

  • Host kahoots throughout the workplace to boost engagement
  • Create and deliver an interactive business presentation that involves everyone
  • Help employees learn in the flow of work with blended learning solutions
  • Gamify your event to keep audiences energized throughout
  • Strengthen company culture through social learning experiences

business presentation

Remote and hybrid teams

Host kahoots via any video conferencing platform, and build a remote workplace where everyone feels involved.

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business presentation


Create, deliver, and track engaging training sessions with Kahoot! 360’s blended learning solutions.

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Maximize engagement, and energize attendees by gamifying your entire in-person or virtual event.

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Presentations and meetings

Reinforce key points, and give everyone a voice with Kahoot! 360’s interactive business presentation features.

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Connect with colleagues – no matter their location – with interactive social learning and team building experiences.

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business presentation


Make new hires feel at home by introducing products, processes, and people in a fun and interactive way.

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Employee engagement

Improve employee engagement in a hybrid workplace by making everyone feel heard and valued.

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Communicate strategic initiatives enterprise-wide and keep in regular contact with non-desk workers.

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Join Kahoot! Academy’s global community of business professionals to create and share content, and network, connect and collaborate with clients, and soon sell your content.

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Recommended plans

Kahoot! 360 Standard

Engage small audiences and test knowledge retention for up to 20 participants.

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