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Being able to count on Kahoot! Academy to find content that has been verified by quality educators will be fabulous.
Gina Ruffcorn, Verified educator, ELA

What is Kahoot! Academy?

Kahoot! Academy is a unique online community, knowledge platform and marketplace that lets users access and share high-quality learning content, connect and collaborate with others around the globe, and soon sell their content.

Alongside kahoots from Verified creators like business professionals and educators, Kahoot! Academy offers unique content from respected publishers, such as Disney, Marvel, National Geographic, Time for Kids, Britannica, Cambridge University Press and many others.

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Would you like to connect with other educators who teach the same subject or share the same interests? Or would you like to connect with other like-minded individuals in a similar work environment? Then Kahoot! Academy is the place for you! Access ready-to-use learning content, whether you’re at school, at home or or at work, join communities based on your interests and focus areas, and follow your favorite content creators or unique access to content and updated, and soon sell your content.

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