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Kahoot! Academy is a brand-new knowledge platform, online community, and marketplace for the global educator community. Register today to become a verified educator and join the community!

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Kahoot! Academy makes it easier than ever to access high-quality learning material for a range of topics, curriculum standards, and languages. Get access to content from other educators and publishers, or add your own content to the Kahoot! Academy marketplace.

You can already find a great selection of premium content from Kahoot! Academy’s verified educators and premium partners on the Kahoot! platform, website, and app.

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Apply today to join this global knowledge community where educators from around the world connect, share content, and access premium learning material from other educators and renowned publishers.

If you receive a verified educator status, you can also offer your own content on the Kahoot! Academy marketplace, where you will be able to promote your own content and make it available for free or any way you prefer. Kahoot! will not charge any sales commission.

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How to become a verified educator

First, fill out the application form below, and we’ll send you further information in the coming weeks. To ensure that the material offered on Kahoot! Academy is of the highest quality, the Kahoot! Academy content team will review all applications.

Kahoot! Academy verified educator publishing rights will be offered as part of Kahoot! Premium+, from $9/month/user. For publishers, premium partnerships are available through our publisher plans.

For any learner searching for content, Kahoot! Academy will always be free.

Functionality for Kahoot! Academy will be rolled out gradually from June 2020, throughout the back-to-school season and into 2021.

"I am so excited to be one of the early educators to become a part of this global community for teachers, that puts us front and center."
Linda Sees, Verified Educator, History
"Amazing! I'm very excited to be a part of this unique platform and looking forward to the future of it."
Satyendra Arora, Verified Educator, Computer Science