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Awards and recognition for our commitment to making learning awesome!

Kahoot! has been proudly backed by independent research and renowned certifications, demonstrating that using Kahoot! significantly enhances students’ learning outcomes and boosts engagement in any classroom. Discover the standards that Kahoot! aligns with, such as the most recent ISTE seal, ICEIE Gold Badge, ESSA Level III certification, and more!


Meta research - Kahoot! boosts academic performance

A meta-analysis and an integrative review published in 2024, comprising 155 peer-reviewed studies from 51 countries, reveals that Kahoot! positively impacts learning performance, motivation, classroom dynamics, attitudes, and engagement.
The conclusion was clear and significant: “Kahoot! improved students’ learning by 0.72 standard deviations. In practical terms, this improvement equates to increasing performance on a typical test by a full letter grade.

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ESSA level III

An Independent study from LearnPlatform by Instructure confirms Kahoot! satisfies Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) level III “Promising Evidence” requirements and is correlated with positive student learning outcomes.

The ESSA evidence standards guide school districts to choose interventions proven to improve learning through robust research. In 2023, Kahoot! earned Level IV certification, demonstrating a “well-defined logic model based on rigorous research.” Kahoot!’s ESSA Level III certification confirms that Kahoot! is supported by a properly designed and implemented correlational study, statistically controlling for selection bias, and showing a statistically significant positive effect on student learning outcomes. Kahoot! is also in the process of being validated for the next level, ESSA’s Level II.

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Common Sense Selection of Learning

Common Sense Education has included Kahoot! in its prestigious list of leading digital learning tools for the educational sector. By awarding Kahoot! the Common Sense Selection for Learning badge, they recognize Kahoot! as a top resource for educators and students. This badge, given to rigorously evaluated products, signifies trust and quality, proving that Kahoot! is not only engaging but also a reliable and effective tool for enhancing the educational experience.

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ICEIE Gold certification for Efficacy

The International Certification of Evidence of Impact in Education (ICEIE) has awarded Kahoot! the Gold certification for “Efficacy”. The category of Efficacy highlights solutions that demonstrate their educational value through empirical studies conducted in classrooms by research teams.

The ICEIE evaluates “what works” in EdTech and validates evidence-backed solutions globally, using efficacy and effectiveness criteria based on a systematic review of 64 international evaluation frameworks and extensive consultations with the industry.
ICEIE also awarded Kahoot! the Silver badge for Effectiveness, making Kahoot! one of the first digital learning solutions to be certified in this category.

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ISTE seal

After an extensive analysis conducted by The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) reviewers, Kahoot! has been awarded the ISTE seal, serving as a mark of high-quality product design for solutions that enable and guide high-quality learning.

With a focus on user experience, product usability, and the most essential elements of instructional technology today, Kahoot! is proven to:

  • Promote critical technology skills
  • Support the use of technology in appropriate ways
  • Incorporate digital pedagogy and the learning sciences
  • Address key elements of tech usability, user experience and user interface
  •  Align to ISTE Standards in specific ways
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Top EdTech Products of the Year Awards

Kahoot! and Clever from the Kahoot! group have won Top EdTech Products of the Year Awards, highlighting our solutions’ innovative approaches to support educators, admins, and students, making learning awesome for all. Kahoot! EDU, our most advanced and engaging learning offering for schools, school districts, and higher ed campuses, has won in the category of “Future Learning Technology,” and Clever MFA+, Clever’s all-in-one multi-factor authentication for schools, has won in the category of “Information Technology.”

With these awards, Kahoot! EDU and Clever MFA+ are distinguished as solutions that provide exceptional service in schools and drive learning technology forward through innovation.

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Student Privacy Pledge

The Student Privacy Pledge, established by The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), is dedicated to safeguarding student privacy by regulating how students’ personal information is collected and maintained. Kahoot! has voluntarily committed to the Student Privacy Pledge, ensuring transparency about how we handle user information.

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National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

Kahoot! Kids has been named a “Seal of Approval winner” by the National Parenting Center in 2023, citing its “outstanding educational content and engaging features” and highlighting Kahoot! Kids is one of the standout learning apps for kids.

The report showcases Kahoot! Kids as a valuable learning resource, designed by pedagogy experts to foster curiosity, exploration, and learning through play:
“From the moment we began exploring the Kahoot! Kids app, it was evident that this platform was built with children’s learning needs in mind…One of the standout features of the Kahoot! Kids App is its interactive nature. Children can actively participate in quizzes, challenges, and trivia games, fostering a sense of excitement and engagement in the learning process.”

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