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What you need to know as a creator

Kahoot! Marketplace is a global marketplace for learning resources. Learn how to become a marketplace creator and share your knowledge with Kahoot! users around the world.

Who can sell their learning resources?

All Verified creators on Kahoot! Plus, Pro, Premium or Premium+ for teachers can submit their content to be offered for sale on the marketplace. We will open up for more creators very soon.

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What type of content can I offer?

A wide variety of learning resources on a range of topics, including Kahoot! Courses – thoughtfully designed learning materials to support increased engagement and retention.

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Who can access and purchase my learning resources?

Users all over the world can access and purchase content on the marketplace. Your content can be found directly on Kahoot!, either on the web or in Kahoot!’s mobile apps. 

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How do I get paid as a marketplace creator?

As a marketplace creator, you can receive payments in several ways, from donations to payouts from your sales. More details will be shared soon. 

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How to become a marketplace creator

Become a Verified creator

Apply to become a Verified creator to grant you marketplace seller access, a Verified profile, donation opportunities, access to unique resources, and more!

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Create & upload your resources

Create content to support deeper learning and engagement & upload your learning resources for sale from your Verified profile!

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Frequently asked questions

What is Kahoot! Marketplace?

Kahoot!’s new marketplace allows Verified creators and partners to monetize their high-quality content directly on the Kahoot! platform and apps. All users can purchase content offered for sale on the marketplace. 

How does the marketplace work?

Verified creators on a paid plan (such as K! Plus, Pro, Premium or Premium+) can upload their resources for sale. Once the content is approved, they can receive donations as well as payouts from their sales.

How do I create and submit content to sell on Kahoot!?

First you need to become a Verified creator. Then you can create and upload your content in any language for sale. Kahoot!’s new marketplace is currently in an early stage, and will gradually be rolled out to give more and more Verified creators the opportunity to monetize content.

In what languages can I create content?

You can create content in any language! Kahoot! is used by learners and learning providers all over the world.

Will my name show as the creator of the content when I license them to Kahoot!?

Yes! Your username (the creator) will be displayed as the creator of the content. 

Will the courses I sell show up on my profile?

Yes! You will be able to display your content directly on your Kahoot profile. You, as the creator, have the ability to decide where and when to feature it on your profile. Your content might also be promoted across the Kahoot! platform and apps, and it will be available through search.

How is the content for sale different from the free content I offer?

Your content sold on the marketplace provides resources for deeper learning and engagement in the form of courses, collections or full lesson plans. Each resource is offered with access for one year, with potential for renewal after a year. Free content can be shared in the form of individual kahoots, collections or courses. 

How much money will I receive per course?

As a marketplace seller you will receive payouts from your sales. Payout rates differ based on your Kahoot! plan. More details coming soon! 

Can I use content for the marketplace that I didn't create?

No, only content you own or have copyright to use can be added to your course or collection for the marketplace. You are free to use videos from YouTube or Vimeo that you didn’t create yourself as a part of the course. If you do, please mention the source and creator of the video in the description of the course and in the “Credit source” field for the video.

Can I use my existing content or kahoots for the marketplace?

Sure! If you have a collection of kahoots that you feel might be robust enough to feature on the marketplace, you can submit this content for sale.  

Can I use duplicated kahoots or courses?

IP and copyright protection is of very high priority for Kahoot!’s marketplace. This means that the kahoots and courses that you offer on the marketplace need to be your own original creations, which also applies to the translation of content. This will also be written in the terms and conditions you sign before being accepted for sale. You are free to use videos from YouTube or Vimeo as a part of the course. We recommend that images used in a marketplace resource come from the premium Getty Images library that is included in your paid plan. Always refer to the source and creator of the video or image in the description of the course and in the “Credit source” field.



What is a course and how is a course different from a kahoot?

A course is a set of lessons or educational activities with kahoots that are integrated into a larger learning trajectory. A course is a resource that consists of various activities, such as kahoots, documents and more, that promote deeper learning and engagement. A course may contain one or more kahoots within it.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of paid courses I have to create?

A Verified creator can create as many resources for the marketplace as they would like! We recommend offering both free and premium resources on your Verified profile.

Will I be able to edit a course after it’s already live on the Kahoot! platform?

If you would like to edit a resource after it has been approved, this is possible. Users who purchased the course will be notified of the changes.

Can I use videos from YouTube or Vimeo that I did not create?

You can include videos from YouTube and Vimeo in your kahoots, but please be aware that videos which you did not create may get altered or deleted from the original creator, which would impact your content negatively. If you do, please mention the source and creator of the video in the description and in the “Credit source” field for the video.

What makes Kahoot! Marketplace different from other marketplaces for learning content?

Kahoot! allows you to combine unique engagement with deeper learning in a format that you won’t find anywhere else. Furthermore, a user who purchases a resource on Kahoot!’s marketplace does not only get full access to the resource for a year, but also to the full range of features and game settings, even if they have not purchased a premium plan.

For example: I am a teacher using Kahoot! for free. I purchase a Kahoot! Course that includes premium features like slides, polls, word cloud and premium images. Because of my purchase, I get access to both the course and all the premium Kahoot! features within the course to use with my class or for myself.